Homevestors Names the Ugliest House of the Year

HomeVestors announced The Ugliest House Of The Year® as voted by the American public from among thousands of home makeovers completed by the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” company in 2018. This year’s winning property was purchased as a dilapidated 1,698 square-foot Tudor in Queens, New York last fall by Nyath Properties, a first-year independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchise team that expertly renovated and restored the now beautiful home. The New York-area franchise gutted the house, salvaging its 85-year-old wood floors and exposed beams, while replacing everything else, from sheetrock, windows, electrical wiring and panels, to the roof, bathrooms, kitchen, and basement floors.

With more than 1,000 franchises in 168 markets nationwide, HomeVestors has purchased more than 95,000 houses since 1996, and averages about 8,000 houses bought each year. The houses are deemed “ugly” in advertisements, with the term applying not just to their condition, but also to the situations sellers often find themselves in. Houses purchased, like The Ugliest House Of The Year®, are generally rehabbed, then sold or held as investment properties, helping raise real estate values and drive community revitalization.

“HomeVestors® franchises around the country, like Nyath Properties in Queens, are reintroducing properties that many might have considered ‘lost causes’,” added David Hicks, CEO of HomeVestors. “In buying ugly houses, they ultimately help maintain a supply of desirable homes that more local buyers can reasonably afford. We pride ourselves on providing a needed service not only to these sellers, but also to the communities where our franchises live and work, driving both new development and a more affordable housing supply.”

For more information, visit www.homevestorsfranchise.com.

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