ServiceMaster: 5 Decades of Changing Lives

ServiceMaster: 5 Decades of Changing Lives

ServiceMaster’s Franchising Opportunities and Support 

ServiceMaster has been instrumental in changing not only the landscape of the service industry, but also the franchise ownership experience for thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe.

As it has since its inception in 1947, ServiceMaster remains dedicated to helping home and business owners keep their environments clean, safe and comfortable. In upholding this stance, ServiceMaster Franchise complementary brands include Terminix, American Home Shield, Merry Maids, Furniture Medic, AmeriSpec, ServiceMaster Clean and ServiceMaster Restore – the last five of which are established franchisors.

Rooted in a strong set of corporate values, we have evolved and established a set of proven franchise systems that truly set our businesses apart.

ServiceMaster Social Responsibility

We Serve is a pledge our 21,000 corporate associates and the additional 31,000 employees of our franchise networks make every day to help ServiceMaster simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives, to become a better place to work and to be a more responsible corporate citizen. This pledge is carried out through various initiatives focusing on:

  • Community Involvement
  • Giving
  • Code of Conduct
  • Our Environment
  • Diversity

ServiceMaster Franchising Executive Leadership

Our leadership is dedicated to aggressively growing the business by transforming the customer experience and developing high-performing, highly engaged, diverse teams.

ServiceMaster offers you three unique franchise opportunities.

The ServiceMaster Franchise Opportunities

1. Janitorial


Part of a $37 billion industry, a ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial Services franchise offers you the opportunity to become an integral part of businesses that make your community run — real estate and property management, healthcare, education, banking, entertainment, non-profits and more — by providing them a quality cleaning service that you and they can be proud of.

2. Floor Care


Truly an “around-the-clock” business, a ServiceMaster Clean Floor Care Services franchise provides the benefit of utilizing your equipment both day and night. Residential services are performed predominantly during the day and commercial services in the evening. This business model helps return on your equipment investment much faster than a traditional standalone commercial or residential business.

3. Disaster Restoration


A business with inherent year-round demand, a ServiceMaster Restore Disaster Restoration Services franchise provides emergency heavy cleaning and pack-out services for residential and commercial losses due to water, fire or smoke damage.

The ServiceMaster Approach

At ServiceMaster, we pride ourselves on systems development, which is a combination of products, equipment, supplies, processes and training. While each of these components is important, it’s the combining of them all into a system, which sets us apart.


System development is led by our dedicated, in-house research and development team. They are responsible for developing quality products (we formulate over 95% of our products in-house) and combining them with other elements to create improved systems for our franchisees. This holistic approach involves service line personnel and franchisees, as well as key industry experts. The result is state of the art technology that differentiates our franchise businesses from the competition.

ServiceMaster Support

ServiceMaster® franchise support comes in many forms:

  • ServiceMaster Acceptance Company Financing
  • Marketing and advertising programs
  • Ongoing technical, marketing and business development support
  • ServiceMaster franchisee intranet
  • Extensive training programs
  • Proprietary cleaning supplies and systems
  • Customized computer software
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