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FranchiseWire is your go-to resource for the latest news and insights on the ever-changing franchise industry. Whether you’re considering franchise ownership, already a franchise owner, a franchisor, or an industry professional, we have the news, advice, and expertise to elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

Download the FranchiseWire franchise news app today and stay informed on the most recent happenings in the booming, multi-billion-dollar franchise industry. And here’s the best part… your subscription is FREE!

Here’s what we’re all about

Our engaging content doesn’t simply report, but also provides unique insights and strategies for every aspect of the franchise industry. We offer fresh perspectives and an unbiased look at leading franchise brands. Our expert contributing writers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from all areas of the industry.

People are changing their lives every day through franchise ownership—we have it covered from every angle.

Industry News
Stay up-to-date on the latest franchise industry news. We examine the biggest issues the industry is facing today, including employment concerns, laws, and regulations. We also report on recent mergers and acquisitions, plus trends and innovations that impact franchising.

Franchise News
From the leading franchise brands to the hot, new emerging franchises, we keep you informed on their latest updates, changes, and victories.

Expert Advice
• Buying a franchise: Investing in a franchise is a huge, life-changing step. With thousands of franchise opportunities out there, where do you start? Our experts take a look at every category in franchising and offer tips and advice to ensure you are armed with knowledge and insights to make an informed decision.

• For franchisees: Make the most of your franchise investment with our expert advice for franchisees. From HR strategies to marketing and customer service tips, we cover everything franchisees need to know to run a successful business.

• For franchisors: Franchisors have the challenging task of running not one, but two businesses. We are here to help. Our expert advice covers everything franchisors need to know to succeed including legal advice, tips on recruiting qualified candidates, social media strategies, and inspiration for an ideal franchisor-franchisee relationship.

Leaders in Action
• Franchisees: Get a first-hand look at life as a franchise owner with our franchisee success stories. Franchisees make a difference every day in their communities both as employers and as community leaders. Read amazing stories about people who reinvented themselves and found meaningful work through franchise ownership.

• Franchisors: It’s time to get inspired! Every franchisor and franchise brand has a story and you can read them here! Franchisors have been game-changers for countless individuals who have changed their lives through their unique opportunities. Learn about the fascinating people behind the brands.

• Industry pros: Franchisors and franchisees are not the only players in franchising. At the center of the industry are dedicated professionals who bring expertise and support. From funding experts to franchise advocates, these movers and shakers are the unsung heroes of franchising. See how they impact the industry.

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