Multiple Profit Centers Sold Franchisee Wade Huntsman on Groovy Hues

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As Part of the HorsePower Brands Umbrella, the Painting Franchise Offers Opportunities to Add Complementary Businesses

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When it came to choosing a painting franchise, Groovy Hues was a standout to franchisee Wade Huntsman for several reasons. He was attracted to the opportunities that existed with parent company HorsePower Brands, and he also loved that Groovy Hues had multiple profit centers. “Paint is profitable, but paint, power wash, basic curb appeal projects, and gutters …. that’s VERY profitable,” he says. For the past six years, Huntsman has been a successful franchisee in the medical field but wanted to broaden his franchise portfolio into home services. He recently opened Groovy Hues of Tulsa, Okla. in March 2023.

Weighing Options

Huntsman and his team looked at a lot of options when they first began the search for their next franchise. “Our first system had a pretty broad footprint across multiple states. We knew we wanted to be a bit more local this time,” he says. “Home Services were not only profitable, but with the HorsePower model, we can launch Groovy Hues and then add additional brands overtime all under one roof.”

I love being my own boss. I will never work for someone else again.

Huntsman also likes the feel-good aspect of home services and the satisfaction that comes with building or fixing something. “To be able to drive through a neighborhood and say, ‘I did that,’ is an amazing feeling. Finding something that lifts your spirit while making you and your team a comfortable living is a very happy way to live,” he says. “I love being my own boss. I will never work for someone else again.”

Groovy Hues franchisee Wade Huntsman
Groovy Hues franchisee Wade Huntsman loves the feel-good aspect of his business. He feels happy making a living doing work that lifts his spirits.

Although business ownership comes with its share of stress, Huntsman wouldn’t trade it for the world. “It’s a real investment. Staring at the ceiling at night and wondering if this is all going to work is a natural and unavoidable side effect of that,” he says.

He advises business owners to avoid the trap of thinking in bed and to recognize that every problem is smaller in the light of day.

Responsive Support

Support from HorsePowerBrands has been key to the success of Huntsman’s onboarding process. “My HorsePower team is on the spot with any questions I have. I’m frankly shocked at the rapid response time,” he says. “They want to make you a big financial success.”

The Importance of Painting Services

Homeowners and entrepreneurs know how important painting is to a home or business. According to a 2021 Sherwin-Williams survey, 50% of respondents hire professional painters for help with hard-to-reach spaces, while 41% stated, “it’s a job best left to experts.” Additionally, 40% said they didn’t have time to do it themselves. 

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