Mantra Fitness Looks to Expand in Florida Through Franchising

Mantra Fitness to Expand Its Pioneering System in Florida

High-Intensity Pilates Studio Sets Sights on Sharing its Uplifting Exercise Experience With More Communities

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Mantra Fitness, a premium Pilates studio known for its innovative and empowering workouts, is seeking to grow its presence in Florida. The Mantra method integrates Pilates, strength training, cardiovascular exercises, balance, and flexibility into each session, ensuring a gentle impact on joints and making it suitable for individuals of any age. 

Kathy Covington, Founder and President of Mantra Fitness, says that Mantra’s workouts are popular among its clientele for several reasons. “Mantra goes beyond Pilates; it fosters a positive mindset that keeps customers engaged for years. This high-intensity, low-impact regimen provides exceptional fitness benefits, while the supportive community and inclusive culture ensure that clients feel welcomed, supported, and acknowledged.”

Mantra Fitness co-founder and President Kathy Maloy
Mantra Fitness Founder and President Kathy Covington

Transforming the Pilates Experience

Each Mantra Fitness studio is equipped with state-of-the-art machines using a system of springs and pulleys that exercise both the upper and lower body with remarkable efficiency. The machines’ adjustable resistance increases the stamina and oxygen capacity of muscles, enabling the body to burn energy for extended periods.

Being a women-owned and women-operated establishment, Mantra Fitness enables like-minded individuals to connect with others who share the common goal of improving and maintaining their health.

The staff at Mantra Fitness play a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty. With their expertise, upbeat demeanor, and motivational approach, the instructors offer personalized support and encouragement, creating an environment where women empower one another during every workout. “Being a women-owned and women-operated establishment, Mantra Fitness enables like-minded individuals to connect with others who share the common goal of improving and maintaining their health,” Covington says. Mantra Fitness creates an inclusive fitness experience, with its primary clientele ranging from women aged 35 to 65, including stay-at-home moms, working professionals, and retirees.

Mantra Fitness Founding Story

Mantra Fitness franchise

In 2012, Covington founded Mantra Fitness in Sarasota, Florida, after falling in love with a unique fusion approach to Pilates. Entrepreneurship came naturally to Covington, as her childhood experiences assisting her father in his Engineering firm fostered her entrepreneurial spirit. She further honed her skills by obtaining a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida.

Her experiences and education let her confidently proceed with her start-up. “Despite skepticism from others, I never doubted that Mantra would succeed,” affirms Covington. After the Sarasota location proved its profitability and garnered a devoted following, Covington and co-founder Jeannie Abreu, another Pilates enthusiast, opened a second studio in Tampa in 2014.

Today, Mantra Fitness is poised for well-planned and deliberate expansion, with unwavering support provided to every franchisee. “We are excited to introduce the transformative qualities of Pilates and create strong connections in new communities through franchise expansion,” Covington says.

Mantra Fitness Expansion Goals

Mantra Fitness currently has three studios open in the Tampa Bay area and one in Orange County, Calif. During the initial phase of expansion, the franchise leadership aims to concentrate on Florida and specifically the Tampa area. Covington emphasizes, “At present, our focus is solely on franchising in Florida to provide optimal support and training to our franchisees.”

As an emerging brand, Mantra Fitness will work closely with its franchise partners, carefully guiding them and providing them with all of the tools they need to succeed. The brand has a proven, scalable business model and low initial investment. This allows franchise partners to have their location up and running within nine months so they can experience exceptional profit margins very quickly. Studio owners benefit from four revenue streams: memberships, class packages, private training, and retail.

Specifically, Mantra is targeting single- and multi-unit franchisees in the Tampa Bay area. Mantra Fitness has a goal of awarding three licenses by the end of this year. The ideal candidate should have previous business-management experience and a passion for both the Mantra method of Pilates and for creating a business they can be hands-on with.

Requirements for a Mantra Fitness Franchise

Mantra Fitness franchise

Including the franchise fee, the average initial investment to launch a Mantra Fitness franchise is $250,000, although the cost can range from $191,000 to $310,000. Optimal locations for studios, which require a minimum of 1,700 square feet, are high-end strip malls near other health and beauty service providers such as juice shops, wellness spas, and nail bars.

“We’ve perfected every detail of the franchise process here at Mantra, and we can’t wait to share it with our prospective partners,” Covington says. “Our brand’s culture strongly puts an emphasis on community. We believe that our owners will not only help us reach new markets but also continuously improve our brand.” For details about opportunities with the Mantra Fitness franchise, please visit

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