REP’M Group Announces Will Siegel as Director of Franchise Development for Grow’M

HW - Will Sigel, Grow'M

Grow’M Focuses on Finding the Right Candidates for REP’M Group’s Brand Partners

REP’M Group, a franchise development company, announced Will Siegel as director of franchise development for its Grow’M division. Grow’M is one of the four REP’M pillars (Brand’M, Scale’M, and Build’M) and focuses on finding the right candidates to grow its brands. REP’M Group’s brand partners include Ellie Mental Health, Pause Studio, Garage Kings, LIME Painting, Kidokinetics, The Lash Lounge, sugaringLA, MilkShake Factory, and HealthSource.

“I don’t see how you could not be attracted to REP’M. They are the leading full-scale franchise development company that not only supports franchisees and franchisors on the front end, but also through all stages of their growth and development. Having the four pillars of REP’M is a huge advantage as an employee and as a prospective licensee,” Siegel said. 

He looks forward to helping individuals become entrepreneurs in the vitality space and ensuring that the doors of their businesses open efficiently with assistance from the Build’M team. He is also excited for the opportunity to continue learning from everyone on the REP’M team. Other recent additions to the REP’M team include Spike Albrecht and Christina Chambers

Will Siegel, Grow'M
Will Siegel is the new director of franchise development for Grow’M. 

Vice president of franchise development Cary Tober is excited to have Siegel onboard. “Will was introduced to us over a year ago. While there was no position available then, he stayed in touch on a monthly basis, showing not only his interest in our industry, but his strong interpersonal capabilities.”

Siegel’s Background

While Siegel is new to franchising, he is an entrepreneur who has owned his own chiropractic practice and held operational and management positions for the last seven years. He believes that his small business and medical background gives him a great perspective to assist new franchisees into a role that suits their passion in health and wellness.

Buying a Franchise

Siegel advises prospective candidates to read everything they can about the market and dive deeper until they feel comfortable. “That type of knowledge base and drive will prove to your brand directors and founders your passion and excitement in your chosen brand.”

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