REP’M Group to Lead Growth of HealthSource Chiropractic Clinics

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17-Year-Old Brand, with 140 Units Operational, Plans Nationwide Expansion

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HealthSource America’s Chiropractor has partnered with the franchise growth and sales specialists at REP’M Group to add clinics all across the United States. HealthSource CEO Dr. Chris Tomshack says the franchise currently has 140 sites up and running, and 42 additional franchises have been sold but are not yet open.  

“Working with REP’M Group will allow HealthSource to further expand nationwide,” Tomshack says. “Now is the perfect time to expand, and teaming up with REP’M Group will be a big help.” 

The mission of HealthSource is “to provide best-in-class services, products and systems to our franchisees to help them build extremely successful clinics that give industry-leading care to their patients that gets them back to health and helps them maintain that high level of health,” he says. All HealthSource teams want to help clients permanently heal their injuries and prevent physical problems from recurring, worsening or evolving into chronic conditions. 

What REP’M Group Brings to the Table

REP’M Group aims to maximize growth for the Ohio-based chiropractic franchise, which was founded in 1994 by Tomshack and began franchising in 2006. REP’M Co-Founder and Managing Partner Nick Sheehan praised HealthSource for providing “quality treatment to its clients. We are excited to be able to partner with such an innovative brand and help make back pain treatment accessible for all.”

Headquartered in Cornelius, N.C., REP’M Group is a full-service franchise growth facilitator. It works to provide franchisors with a broad array of expert development services, particularly in the areas of real estate and franchise sales. (Some of REP’M Group’s other brands are Alloy Personal Training, Ellie Mental Health, Garage Kings, Lash Lounge, Kidokinetics, LIME Painting, Pause Studio, skoah facial shop, Splash and Dash, and 4EverYoung.)

Why Choose a HealthSource Franchise?

HealthSource Franchise

REP’M Group sees tremendous growth potential with HealthSource, which Sheehan says is already “the largest primary care provider of chiropractic and rehab in the nation.” HealthSource offers several advantages to franchisees, including: 

  • It is an established brand with a proven business model.
  • HealthSource’s franchised clinics enjoy an excellent reputation, with more than 99% of patients stating they are satisfied with their care. 
  • Practices are holistic in approach and offer multiple revenue streams: chiropractic adjustments, functional rehabilitation services/exercises, spinal decompression, laser therapy, branded nutritional products, sleep optimization services, and a subscription-based Wellness Club with automatic prescheduled visits. 
  • The ownership model can be semi-absentee or owner-operator.
  • HealthSource clinics are cost-effective to operate. The clinics require only three full-time employees who work within a small footprint of only about 1,800 to 2,200 square feet.
  • Clinics accept health insurance.
  • HealthSource is recession-resistant because, as Tomshack points out, “back pain, our largest niche, affects 80% of adult Americans.”
  • Franchisee-friendly hours promote work-life balance. There are no weekend or late-evening hours; clinics close for the weekend at 1 p.m. on Fridays. 
  • Health care has traditionally proved to be a sound investment. 
  • Franchisees benefit from regular ongoing training and instruction in best practices by industry experts.  
  • The chiropractic industry is growing. It has doubled in size during the past five years. The U.S. chiropractic industry currently does about $15 billion in business annually and that figure is expected to climb to nearly $18 billion by 2025.

Tomshack sums up those benefits by saying that entrepreneurs will find a vast opportunity in the franchise. “They will leverage a proven system and partner with passionate people to build a business that serves the health needs of your community, all while creating a great income.” 

What Goes into Being a HealthSource Franchisee? 

HealthSource Franchise

He describes optimum HealthSource franchisee candidates as being “driven individuals with a high level of business acumen who are coachable, experienced in leadership, and have a passion for wellness and a connection to their community.” While the majority of current HealthSource franchisees are chiropractors, chiropractic expertise is not a prerequisite for franchise ownership. In fact, through its partnership with REP’M Group, HealthSource is most interested in attracting that prospective franchisee who has experience in the business world because that skill set lends itself to building a strong chiropractic clinic. 

Franchisees need at least $150,000 in liquid capital, and the total cost of opening a HealthSource franchise is estimated at around $355,000-492,000, although the price tag will vary depending on the clinic’s size and location. This total cost includes the $60,000 franchise fee, initial training, print and online marketing assistance, and access to the franchise’s customized software. HealthSource offers significant discounts for franchisees who open two or more sites. Military veterans also are eligible for a discount.  

To learn more about franchise opportunities with HealthSource, please visit or email Aaron Sawyer at or Spike Albrecht at

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