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Working Together as Franchise Owners Has Added a New Dimension to Their Father-Daughter Relationship

After decades in corporate America, Scott Bradley opened his Kidokinetics Dallas franchise, which became a family business when his daughter Taylor Klepsch joined up. Kidokinetics, founded in 1996, provides a unique formula for developing lifelong physical and emotional well-being in young kids through an approach that combines fun, fitness, sports and nutrition. Bradley’s Kidokinetics Dallas is now 14 years old and serves residents of Dallas and three large suburbs: Richardson, Plano and Frisco.

Before becoming a franchise owner, Bradley, who holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago, spent 35 years in corporate life, including 25 years with Xerox Corp. He started out as a sales professional and went on to hold many leadership positions at Xerox and CT Corp. Those roles took him to Dallas, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Indianapolis and New York City. 

Kidokinetics Dallas

Kidokinetics Dallas is run by father-and-daughter team Scott Bradley (far left) and Taylor Klepsch (second to left).

He put down roots in Dallas, and his Kidokinetics franchise there had grown into a bustling business by the time Klepsch, an Indiana University graduate, came on board six years ago. Klepsch and her family moved from Indiana to the Lone Star State when she was transitioning into her role at the Kidokinetics Dallas franchise. 

Like her dad, Klepsch segued to Kidokinetics after employment in sales positions with Tom James Co. and the Chicago Tribune. Then her career veered into occupations as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.

But as a mom to three young children, she was ready for a change, and happily her previous work experience dovetails nicely with her role at the Kidokinetics Dallas franchise. “I decided entrepreneurial life could provide the opportunity to build a business while devoting time to my family and the many responsibilities associated with being a wife and mother.”

A Shared Passion

Kidokinetics promotes health and wellness through sports in a non-competitive environment.

Bradley and Klepsch share a passion for a healthy lifestyle and the need for active involvement in a culture that stimulates physical and emotional well-being, so operating a Kidokinetics franchise is a perfect career opportunity for both of them. “The mission of the company, promoting health and wellness through sports in a non-competitive environment, is vital in a world faced with an ever-increasing focus on technology and screen time,” Bradley says.

Deploying their sales skills gives father and daughter an added dimension of knowledge in the field of marketing and group exercise instruction. “We share those roles comfortably in our management of the business and then split remaining responsibilities in accordance to experience and comfort levels of the tasks at hand,” Bradley says. 

For instance, Bradley says he spends a great deal of time with administrative detail plus sourcing and developing the talent of coaches. He utilizes his corporate experience to develop relationships with key associations that partner with Kidokinetics to further enrich programs and curriculum. Taylor manages marketing strategy and creates curriculum for the many facets of the product offerings.

They have divided their responsibilities, he adds, but “we’re both well-versed in all areas of the business operation.”

Learning from Each Other

Bradley says the best part of working together “is the joy of spending time with Taylor in a meaningful endeavor while developing a worthwhile business enterprise. Being able to participate in Taylor’s professional growth by sharing knowledge from my years of sales and professional experience is very exciting.”

But he’s also padding his repertoire via interactions with his daughter, Bradley says. “Learning from Taylor keeps the mind active.”

Klepsch also feels that the two complement and balance each other. “Working together has added a new dimension to our father-daughter relationship. I have always known Scott as ‘Dad,’ and now I know him as a professional business partner, which is exciting!” 

Parent-Child Business Partnerships

From working together and in their previous career positions, they can share some valuable advice for other parent-child business partnerships. “Be open-minded, and be a good learner and listener. Be respectful of each other and take the time to appreciate different perspectives and fresh ideas,” Bradley says. 

Klepsch recommends that both parties “remove the parent-child lens and see each other as professionals with unique skill sets and different perspectives. The old school is as valuable as the new school, and merging the two creates a great dynamic.”

Father-Daughter Team

Bradley believes “life is a learning experience, and families share a unique mix of talent. Perspective is a great lesson learned. Being able to work together isn’t difficult as long as there is mutual trust, shared passion, and common objectives. While we are definitely a team of father and daughter, we gain strength from our differences and perspectives, always with a focus on making a positive impact in the lives of young children through our work at Kidokinetics.”

Bradley continues that he never thought he would be in business with anyone, much less his daughter, but he’s so glad that it has happened. “To be able to achieve great success through a parent-child business relationship is the most rewarding way imaginable for someone on the road to retirement. Taylor values these years spent together not only growing a business but growing a relationship,” he says – and she agrees, saying: “The blessing of working together is incredible!”  

For franchising information, visit Kidokinetics, contact Ashley Cross at or call 513-582-5747.

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