More Time to Be Dad with Franchising

The Franchise Model Can Take Away the Stress of Choosing Between the Role of Father and the Role of Business Owner

There are limited commodities in the world. Oil. Water. Sunlight in a day. But none is quite as infamous as the elusive commodity of time. We want more of it and chase it throughout our lives. One study cited that on average, the university-educated dad spends just 85 minutes a day with his children; that number is pretty shocking, but not unrealistic. When we factor in commute, work time, personal time, etc., there are just a few hours left over.

For parents in particular, there is a constant tug-of-war going on with how to balance the necessity of provision with the desire to spend time with our families. As fathers, we want to be a respectable model and a provider and hope that our kids are there to see what it looks like. Franchise investment is a fantastic way to meet all of these needs simultaneously.

Time Away

Whether you have a baby, school-aged kids, adult children, or a combination of these, being in control of your schedule makes it easier to fulfill that ever-important role of dad. It allows us to show up. Buying a franchise gives you the gift of flexibility, some models more than others. Planning vacations around school breaks or time off for a grandchild is easier thanks to several concepts out there. Big Jerry’s Fencing, for example, is a simple-to-operate fencing franchise that can give basic estimates straight through their website — all easily managed from a beach house in the Sunshine State.

Time for Real Life Lessons

The franchise model can take away the stress of choosing between the role of father and the role of business owner. As your children grow, they can be involved with the business, learning valuable entrepreneurial lessons that aren’t taught from a classroom. This real life exposure and experience will carry with them throughout their lives, all thanks to owning your own franchise. Responsibility, leadership, commitment, and self-confidence are all there, being modeled for your children.

Time to Build Relationships and a Legacy

For dads with adult children, investing alongside your son or daughter can be fun and rewarding! Of course, there is an element of trust with family that can’t be beat. As the family works to build the business, your bonds will strengthen. Over the years, the roots of your business deepen and your relationship with your franchisor continues to grow, too, giving you a long-lasting legacy that will affect your children for generations to come.

Time to Invest in the Community as a Family

Representing your business within your community is a family affair. As you build the reputation of your franchise brand within your community, you will have the opportunity to be involved in various events completely appropriate for the entire family. When customers and clients see you beyond the logo, they can grasp how their patronage is affecting a person, not just a business. Plus, the time it takes to be a pillar in the community is more time for bonding. This lets your children see you in your element and as a respected member of society — something that you want them to also emulate!

Owning a business is an exciting adventure that can benefit your entire family. Investing in a franchise in particular means investing in a proven model with the road map laid out. As you consider franchise investment, please stop by to explore our informational resources. Contact us at 800-610-0292 to dive into some available concepts and get on the road to building a legacy that will last.

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Chris Conner has been a franchise consultant working with business owners and brands to support growth through franchising since 2001. He is the founder of Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS), a company that provides strategic planning, development and sales for emerging franchise brands.
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