sugaringLA Franchise Offers Popular Self-Care Services

sugaringLA franchise

Innovative Studios Provide Organic, Nontoxic Sugar-Based Hair Removal Treatments

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Danielle Correia founded sugaringLA in 2011 with the goal of becoming all of her clients’ last stop for hair removal. “Every individual has unique skin and hair removal needs, and this is a solution that uses the cleanest, most skin-safe products so every person can feel their best,” Correia says. Today her brand sits on the brink of major expansion after a remarkable post-pandemic rebound.

SugaringLA Franchise
Danielle Correia

Correia had just opened her fifth Southern California studio – this one in Beverly Hills – in January 2020 when the pandemic surged. Within weeks, shutdowns forced her to close locations for as long as 11 months. She went from 50 employees to six, and when personal-care businesses could reopen, major rehiring was required.

“The brand came roaring back, which proved the resiliency of the model,” Correia says. “It was definitely a challenge, but also proved to me that I could do it, that I could scale it. We are now hitting 2019 numbers. Customers said things like, ‘I would give up my nails, my hair, but I can’t do my own Brazilian.’”

Demand for Self-Care Services

The timing for expansion of the sugaringLA franchise’ couldn’t be better, Correia believes. “Americans seek better self-care now more than ever and have come to value the in-person experience that comes with visiting a local shop.” Statisticians cite varied – but always glowing – market potential:

  • values the hair-removal industry at over $3 billion.
  • estimated the market value of global natural skin-care products at $7.14 billion in 2022 and projects it to hit $13.4 billion by 2032.
  • expects the global market for natural and organic skin-care products to grow from almost $9.9 billion in 2021 to about $20.4 billion by 2030.
  • valued the global organic skin-care market size at $9.83 billion in 2021 and predicts a compound annual growth rate of 8.9% from 2022-2030. “One of the primary factors driving the market is growing awareness about the adverse effects of chemicals on the skin, such as irritation and dullness,” the research company says. “The increasing awareness about the benefits of organic ingredient-based items has prompted customers to seek out eco-friendly, natural skin-care products.”

Our organic, nontoxic hair removal method is safe for everybody.

Danielle Correia, founder

sugaringLA Is Skin-Friendly

Correia couldn’t agree more: “People aren’t looking to cover up their skin – they’re looking to enhance it. Clean products are the new standard for natural beauty. Today more than 50% of skin-care consumers desire all-natural, organic, chemical-free products. People are passing on the top-shelf traditional options in favor of simple, clean products and experiences that are devoid of toxic chemicals and have ingredients they understand are good for their skin as well as the environment.”
That’s where sugaringLA comes in. The brand’s sugarists apply a paste of sugar, lemon and water instead of traditional hot wax. “It’s 100% biodegradable and even edible!” Correia says.

sugaringLA franchise

Sugar-based hair-removal has boomed as independent salons offered the service and beauty bloggers touted the less painful, longer-lasting results. sugaringLA raises the bar with its proprietary technique of applying paste in the opposite direction of hair growth and removing the paste in the hair’s natural direction. “It simultaneously exfoliates and conditions skin. Our sugar paste is never applied hot and attaches only to hair and dead skin cells. Hot wax attaches to live skin cells, often causes redness and irritation, can break the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs,” Correia explains. “Sugaring is able to remove shorter hair, drastically minimize ingrown hairs, and be done more often so clients don’t have to wait as long between services.”

sugaringLA has a welcoming environment with services that are safe for everyone, Correia says. “sugaringLA is proudly a gender-neutral space. Our organic, nontoxic hair removal method is safe for everybody. The process works on all skin tones, textures and ages, and it’s safe for all skin types – dry to oily skin and even skin with acne, eczema and psoriasis. It’s hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.”

Partnership with REP’M Group and Franworth

In expanding her brand, Correia has help from a veteran franchise-industry team: sugaringLA’s director of development; Franworth, a franchise incubator and accelerator; and REP’M, a franchise growth facilitator with a suite of services.

People are looking to incorporate their skin-care goals into their overall wellness routine because self-care leads to a healthier mindset and overall better living.

Marisa Kochnover, director of development

Marisa Kochnover, director of development for sugaringLA, has been a busy franchisee herself. She partnered on two CycleBar franchise units and has served as president of a multi-unit fitness and wellness company that tasked her with overseeing 15 CycleBar locations. Kochnover has always been an advocate for self-care and self-confidence, so the transition to nurturing sugaringLA was easy for her. “People are looking to incorporate their skin-care goals into their overall wellness routine because self-care leads to a healthier mindset and overall better living,” she says.

sugaringLA franchise

Franworth’s beauty division CEO, Meg Roberts, also is president and CEO of The Lash Lounge franchise. After spending more than four years in scaling up The Lash Lounge, Roberts has refocused her skills, efforts and industry experience on sugaringLA. Last October, Franworth and REP’M Group announced a partnership in which Rep’M focuses on selling franchises in Franworth’s portfolio of brands. REP’M Group works holistically with franchisors, assisting them with franchise sales, marketing, real estate and construction advice, branding initiatives, and more. REP’M Group spokesman Nick Sheehan says his company is “excited to be able to partner with such an innovative brand like sugaringLA and help them excel in the skin-care and hair-removal industry.”

Why to Invest in sugaringLA

sugaringLA franchise

The sugaringLA franchise launched its expansion campaign this month and has confidence in its enticing business model. Studios are small, requiring only 1,000 to 1,300 square feet and four to six rooms. Each unit starts with three to four sugarists and then can expand to seven or eight; also required are a front desk staffer and one manager or owner/operator (the model can be semi- absentee). Revenue is recurring.

The ideal franchisee is interested in building culture and community by hiring employees who represent the brand well. “We would like sugaringLA franchisees to embrace the ideals and authenticity of our community,” Kochnover says. “We want them to be excited about becoming a brand champion and an ambassador.”

Kochnover goes on to say that, “based on the excitement and demand, we anticipate we will grow rapidly across the country. We have set a goal of selling more than 30 locations by the end of the year.” Territories are available in all states except North and South Dakota and Hawaii. For details about franchise opportunities, visit or reach out to Marisa Kochnover at

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