REP’M Group Announces Marisa Kochnover as Director of Franchise Development for skoah facial shop

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The Franchise Pro Brings a Passion for Wellness to the Position

REP’M Group, a leading franchise development company, announced Marisa Kochnover as director of franchise development for skoah facial shop. She will oversee the skin care franchise’s national growth.

“I was immediately drawn to the high-touch experience skoah facial shop offers. The brand is positioned perfectly as the beauty industry is in a state of evolution. The younger generation is exhibiting a clear enthusiasm for skincare coupled with a sophisticated appreciation for the ingredients in the products they use. No longer are skin care and facials seen as a luxury; they are viewed as part of an overall fitness and wellness regimen,” Kochnover said.  

She added that “skoah facial shop enters the space as an attainable, affordable way to incorporate skin care into everyday wellness while maintaining the integrity of a multisensory, high-end experience.”

Kochnover was attracted to REP’M Group’s family-like culture. “We are a close knit, supportive team composed of hardworking professionals committed to not only individual success but the success of our team as a whole. The energy of this team is infectious, and it’s clear we are going to see some incredible growth at REP’M this year.”

Marisa Kochnover, skoah facial shop
Marisa Kochnover is the new director of franchise development for skoah facial shop. 

REP’M Group’s leadership team is thrilled to have Kochnover on board. “I am very happy to have Marisa join the REP’M team. Marisa worked for me within my CycleBar multi-unit platform for over five years. She is a hard worker who has vast experience in franchising, from buying her own franchise to supporting 15 CycleBar locations. She will be a great addition to our franchise development team!” said Nick Sheehan, co-founder and managing partner of REP’M Group.

Kochnover is excited to couple her experience for growing businesses with her passion for the beauty and wellness industry. “As a former owner/operator myself, I am particularly well-versed in what it takes to open and scale businesses, immerse yourself within your community, and have the opportunity to share your passion with everyone that walks through your doors.”

Kochnover’s Franchising Journey

Kochnover entered franchising when she sought to fill a void in her local market. “At the time, I was already heavily involved in the boutique fitness industry and loved to motivate, encourage and help people transform themselves to look and feel better.”

She opened two CycleBar locations (Fort Lee and Closter) and eventually served as the president of The BridgeFit Group, a multi-unit operating company that specializes in fitness and wellness studios. 

Her favorite aspect of franchising is to guide and support entrepreneurs and help them reach their goals. “Similar to fitness, everyone is striving to be a better version of themselves, and the right business opportunity can provide the pathway to find that.”

In her view, franchising is a marriage and partnership that entrepreneurs should only enter when they want to go the distance. “Both parties need to do their part for the union to ultimately see success. Know what your franchisor is bringing to the table and how they are committed to supporting you to realize your dreams and goals.”

The Future of Skin Care

To Kochnover, consumers are more health and wellness conscious than ever. “Skincare as a market segment is growing faster than any other sector in the beauty space. People want customization and no longer settle for a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to wellness. People are not looking to cover up their skin; rather, they are looking to enhance and celebrate the uniqueness of it.”

She also notes that clean products are the new standard for natural beauty. “skoah facial shop finds itself perfectly positioned for this trend with its simple, plant-based, high performance skincare line.”

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