CycleBar Classes Fit Clients of all Sizes and Fitness Levels

Franchise Opportunity: Cyclist training at CycleBar

The Boutique Cycling Franchise Offers an Inclusive, Diverse Culture

CycleBar’s mission is to provide indoor cycling workouts where everyone belongs – people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and fitness levels. Driven by heart-pumping music and a passion for the workouts, the focus is on creating a strong, empowered community across every studio. Members don’t have to squeeze into a 30-something, pencil-thin mold to feel comfortable riding at CycleBar locations, which are located in less-populous rural markets as well as major U.S. metropolitan areas.

The creative, music-driven workouts and inclusive studio serves as a sanctuary, transporting riders into an invigorating space where they feel alive and live for themselves. Each of the dramatically lighted studios has a theatrical quality that inspires riders to achieve a new personal best during every CycleBar group class they attend. 

Diversity and Inclusion

CycleBar's Inclusive Franchise Model with Three Successful Women Franchisees
CycleBar’s mission is to provide indoor cycling workouts for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and fitness levels.

Tevia Celli, CycleBar’s Vice President of Experience for the brand, has worked to ensure that the nationwide franchise is inclusive and diverse for all who walk in the doors.

“We at CycleBar know that many people want to get in shape and get healthy, but all too often they give up that dream very quickly. They’re intimidated when they show up at gyms and fitness centers and only see size 2 instructors with perfect bodies. We have worked hard to include all shapes, sizes and ages when it comes to instructors. Our members feel like they are accepted and welcome in our studios because of this,” Celli says.

“No matter where members are in their fitness journeys, our class experiences calm their minds, elevate their moods and they walk out feeling better than when they walked into our studios,” she adds. “We have set up our programs so that our clients focus on our high-energy CycleBeats playlists. They are led by our well-trained instructors who are part DJ, part coach and part friend. The instructors are always working to create a space where members feel better, emotionally and physically. Their achievements are tracked by our proprietary CycleStats metrics that are sent to clients via email after classes conclude.”

CycleBar Class Offerings

Celli finished up by saying that “we make sure they’re having fun and feel like they’re part of a community during every one of our low-impact, high-intensity classes.” A huge part of that “we’re-all-in-this-together” feeling comes from the wide-ranging multisensory workout options that riders at every CycleBar franchise can select for their classes. These include:      

  • Classic, a rocking mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills.
  • Connect, which tunes into the beats, turns off the monitors, and lets riders unplug from their lives.
  • Empower, which helps riders tap into their strength, power and mindset during an athletic ride.
  • Performance, a ride that motivates with CycleStats technology, group challenges, and rider competitions.
  • Xpress, is an interval-packed, rhythm-based 30-minute ride, including the cool-down period.

CycleBar Gives Back

In addition to the full menu of classes and coaching provided to each individual client, CycleBar also offers charity rides – “CycleGives.” Through CycleGives, the CycleBar franchise partners with nonprofit, social-activist organizations such as Young Survivors Coalition and the NAACP. CycleBar’s charity rides have raised millions of dollars for various causes around the nation.

Founded in 2004, Cyclebar has more than 250 studios in North America. Ideal franchisees will have a passion for fitness, customer service, and giving back to their communities as well as their clients. A franchisee should plan to invest between $300,000 to $500,000 to open a studio. The initial franchise fee is $60,000, and royalty fees are 7%. For full details, visit    

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