The Inventive Crew Behind REP’M Group Helps Franchisors Take Flight

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Nick Sheehan, Rob Cambruzzi and Jason Ryan Share Their Holistic Approach to Franchise Development with REP’M

Talk to any entrepreneur who has launched a business, franchised it, and gotten his brand to more than 100 units, and you will hear tales of struggle, trial and tribulations, and frustration. Many have failed trying, and others have learned valuable and expensive lessons the hard way.

Knowing this, REP’M Group, a team of rock-star innovators, set out to pave the way for emerging franchisors. “We are a full-service franchise growth enabler,” says Nick Sheehan, Managing Partner. “Our mission is to help brands grow confidently,” he says.

The “M” in REP’M Group stands for “Mastery.” With more than 100 years of brand and business development expertise collectively, the leadership team prides itself on being masters at every stage of launching franchise brands, selling and opening franchisee doors, and developing and managing plans for sustainable growth. “We have tremendous horsepower. In our years in franchising, we were mentored by legends. We’re taking that experience and paying it forward,” says Rob Cambruzzi, Founder and CEO.

The REP’M Group Dream Team

REP’M Group’s dynamic team of 30-plus have diverse backgrounds in franchising and entrepreneurship. Cambruzzi points out that he and his partners are careful to hand-select the best and the brightest. “We recruit stellar people so we can deliver best-in-class services,” he says.

REP’M Group’s typical client comes to them at a crucial point in development, with about 5-20 units. They work with established brands as well. “Essentially, we take a deep dive into our clients’ businesses and set them up for long-term growth and success,” says Jason Ryan, Managing Partner. “Selling is the easy part. Operations are where many brands fall short,” he adds. “Our goal is for franchisors to run their systems the right way.”


“Opening units the right way is the most important part of a franchisor’s growth. It is at the core of what we do. We are committed to helping our franchisor partners grow confidently. Because of the foundation and support we supply with our four services, we foster success through every phase of a franchisor’s development.”

NICK SHEEHANManaging Partner

“When I was still in college, I launched a toner cartridge business and grew it to be a top 500 franchise with more than 35 locations. That experience has allowed me to understand all aspects of what it takes to be successful as a franchisor as well as how to support franchisees.”

JASON RYAN, Managing Partner

“The key to successful growth in any system is solid operations. A focus on developing new franchisees and unit level profitability is essential. That’s the major differentiator of REP’M Group.”

Four ways REP’M Group Serves Franchisors


Handling all aspects of marketing strategy, media strategy, creative design and in-market campaign development.


Developing and selling
franchises by recruiting the right candidates.


Managing real estate and construction for smooth openings. 


Preparing franchise brands to be operationally ready to scale.

ISI Elite Training 

Boutique fitness franchisor, ISI Elite Training, came to REP’M Group with six corporate locations, and since then, has awarded more than 20 units. The team at REP’M Group has helped the young franchise put systems in place as they grow.  ISI Elite Training and REP’M Group teams pose as they host a discovery day (above). 

Here are some ways Rep’M Group continues to help ISI Elite Training ensure sustainable growth:

  • Recruiting personnel
  • Refining sales process
  • Training operations team
  • Refining resale process
  • Refining key performance
    indicators (KPIs)
  • Creating brand standards

LIME Painting Franchise

REP’M Group is helping LIME Painting, a high-end, custom painting and contracting service franchise, become more profitable as they grow. Here’s how REP’M Group will take LIME Painting to the next level:

  • Refining the operations manual and making it easier to understand
  • Setting standards to make franchisees more profitable
  • Refining training program
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