Heroes Lawn Care of The Woodlands, Texas, Honors Those Who Served

Heroes Lawn Care

The Mission-Driven Business Supports Veterans and Active-Duty Military

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Zac Lowder checked out competing franchises and found they didn’t measure up to Heroes Lawn Care for many reasons. So last November, he opened his franchise, Heroes Lawn Care of The Woodlands, Texas, as a semi-absentee owner.

“I chose Heroes because it was an opportunity to help build a new brand from the ground floor and select my desired territory,” which is about 30 miles north of Houston. Lowder adds that “the business case was strong because homeowners and businesses in this area value a green, healthy lawn, and Heroes uniquely provides three service lines — fertilization, irrigation and pet waste removal — creating diversified sources of growth, a recurring revenue model and cross-sell opportunities. The competition either doesn’t have the systems and specialization or doesn’t deliver the quality and service level that Heroes is committed to.”

Heroes Lawn Care franchisee Zac Lowder
Heroes Lawn Care franchisee Zac Lowder

Mission-Driven Business

Lowder also likes the values of Heroes Lawn Care. “It’s a mission-driven brand whose name speaks to the legacy of one of the co-founder’s military service,” he says. “At our location, we have continued that spirit by supporting charity organizations that help veterans, active-duty military and first responders, as well as an animal rescue to complement our pet-waste removal service. There’s also an eco-friendly angle in terms of preserving waterways by doing pet-waste removal, using less irrigation water, and using organic fertilizer where possible” to minimize pollution.

Before becoming a Heroes Lawn Care franchisee, Lowder had spent 13 years successfully building two companies in the business-to-consumer (B2C) energy industry, mainly working in sales and customer experience. But his Heroes franchise lets him pursue a personal dream: “to own a business focused in my local community.”

Heroes Lawn Care franchisee
Lowder and his family

Lowder considered various business types, but with the help of a franchise consultant, “fairly quickly narrowed it down to home services. … I find that it’s very easy to relate to our customers because as homeowners, we experience many of the same needs and pain points. It is also very complementary to my experience in the residential energy space, so I felt comfortable understanding the business model and the levers for success.”

I am reminded daily that this is a human-powered business, and I love that.

With a half-year under his belt, he’s already enjoying the various relationships developed as a franchisee. “From our employees, whom I truly enjoy and admire, to the team at HorsePower Brands that supports us, to authentic exchanges with our customers, I am reminded daily that this is a human-powered business, and I love that.” HorsePower Brands is the parent company of multiple home services franchises, including Groovy Hues, Mighty Dog Roofing, Blingle and Gatsby Glass.

Challenges and Opportunities

At times Lowder says he needs to be more involved than the quintessential “semi-absentee” owner, but hands-on mode agrees with him. “I find the challenges and opportunities truly fun, which makes it feel like I haven’t worked a day so far.” Lowder’s past career experience positioned him well for success as a Heroes franchise owner. The brand seeks franchisees who possess management experience, appreciate the importance of water conservation and safeguards to the environment, want to provide peerless customer and community support, and aspire to build a business empire.

An Eco-Friendly Brand  

Heroes Lawn Care meets the demand of the home service industry while also knowing the importance of caring for the environment. A study on corporate social responsibility reveals that 87% of respondents positively view companies that support social or environmental issues.

Why Choose Heroes Lawn Care?

Heroes Lawn Care franchisees appreciate these key advantages:

  • Three revenue streams (irrigation, fertilization and removal of pet waste) deliver year-round income and recurring revenue.
  • Strong appeal to environmentally conscious clients. Heroes ’fertilization processes minimize excess fertilization, which pollutes water; removal of pet waste also reduces water pollution. Its “smart” irrigation systems don’t irrigate when watering isn’t needed.
  • Capability to give real-time estimates online via proprietary artificial intelligence software.
  • A cutting-edge, multi-platform marketing system and a national call center for customer referrals.

For more information about the Heroes Lawn Care franchise, visit https://heroeslawncare.com/franchising.

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