Rubbish Works Takes an Eco-Friendly Approach to Junk Removal

Rubbish Works Franchise

Franchise Owners are Attracted to the Community-Based, Semi-Absentee Business

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To Dustin Kosterow, one man’s (or woman’s) trash is treasure for Rubbish Works franchisees. And Kosterow should know: He is vice president of development for Premium Service Brands, a multi-brand franchise portfolio that includes 14-year-old Rubbish Works.

Why is Kosterow bullish on Rubbish Works? “You might ask me, ‘Isn’t the industry saturated with removal companies and guys in a truck?’ I would say the aging population is growing, society is becoming more environmentally conscious and wanting to donate items, and we are seeking less clutter and downsizing our lives. So there is plenty of opportunity to grow a large business with just a small percentage of this constantly expanding market. The key concept is that people have stuff to get rid of, and we are the people to take it away for you. No fuss, no muss.”

Franchisees benefit from being part of the growing, highly supported Premium Service Brands portfolio. “With nine franchise brands, strong operations and a large consumer base in our other concepts, we have a built-in strategy to leverage our existing databases for cross-promotional efforts to launch franchises with major success,” Kosterow says.

Growth Strategy

Rubbish Works, with steady growth for the past three years, plans to maintain and even accelerate the momentum it has achieved since being acquired by Premium Service Brands in 2020. “Our growth strategy is to add multi-unit operators to our system. We have a target of 25 to 35 new units this year.” As added incentive for many potential franchisees, Rubbish Works is a positive force within its owners’ communities. “Rubbish Works has a strong focus on eco-friendly practices. Our owners put donating first over all other things,” Kosterow says. “We perform our removal services with the local community and the world in mind. We are proud partners with nonprofit initiatives such as Kids Lift.”

Rubbish Works franchise
Rubbish Works franchisees benefit from being part of the growing, highly supported Premium Service Brands portfolio.

The ideal Rubbish Works franchisee is looking for a lifestyle business and wants to serve the needs of residents in his or her community, Kosterow says. Many franchise owners also are attracted to its semi-absentee model: “Our owners can have full-time jobs and are creating residual income for themselves in this on-demand service.”

Ideal Rubish Works Franchisee

Rubbish Works franchise

Franchisees don’t need expertise in trash hauling, Kosterow says – chances are that their life experiences already have given them an excellent perspective for Rubbish Works’ services. “We all have experience with having items in and around us that cause stress, anxiety and clutter. Have you ever called a friend to use their truck? Wondered how you dispose of things you just don’t need? You have more experience than you realize.”

He goes on to say that “what is truly needed in a junk-removal business is compassion, empathy and sympathy. If you have those qualities and those skill sets to work with people in their time of need, you have all the experience necessary to be an owner in a removal business. ”Rubbish Works has major markets available, and franchisees will be primed for success through a comprehensive training program that helps them master marketing launch strategies and proprietary business management software. Initial investment is $106,350 to $144,000.

Eco-Friendly Business

Customers care about the environmental impact a business makes. A Forbes article cited a study that revealed 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues. Rubbish Works is an eco-friendly business that keeps junk out of landfills. Up to 50 percent of the trash it removes is recycled. The company aims to responsibly recycle or donate the items it takes away. All appliances, TV’s, and computer monitors are environmentally recycled 100 percent of the time.

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