Spray Foam Genie Plans Ambitious Growth in U.S.

Spray Foam Genie Plans Ambitious Growth in U.S.

16-Year-Old Eco-Friendly Insulation Brand Offers 3 Operational Models

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Spray Foam Genie’s insulation has gained ground on competitors because it’s sustainable, environmentally friendly and extremely energy-efficient – the product can slash heating and cooling costs by 40%. The growing franchise offers territories across the United States to entrepreneurs who want to help their residential and commercial customers conserve energy with a clear conscience.

“Americans care what goes into their homes, and sustainability is important to them,” says Kevin Longe, CEO of Spray Foam Genie. Spray Foam Genie’s insulation is composed of two chemicals, polyol resin and a form of isocyanate. When these ingredients are mixed, a chemical reaction creates a foam that expands when it is sprayed onto a surface. This process lets the foam fit into any area, even if it’s oddly shaped or difficult to reach. The foam hardens in a matter of seconds to make an airtight seal.

Spray Foam Genie franchise, Kevin Longe
CEO Kevin Longe

“Because of these properties, Spray Foam Genie will be a huge player in home improvement and insulation,” Longe predicts. “We do insulation projects that are better for the environment and better for human beings.

Spray Foam Genie Customer Base

Spray Foam Genie insulation is used in new construction and in existing structures. It can be applied in walls, crawl spaces and attics. “We work with general contractors, builders and clients with existing homes,” Longe says. “We have a commercial bidding team at our home office that bids all of the commercial and new home-build proposals on behalf of our franchisees. We have the franchisees’ local salesperson handle proposals for existing homes.”

Spray Foam Genie technicians also can lift concrete, which provides a secondary revenue stream for franchisees. Un-level sections of concrete and cracks in slabs are unsightly and dangerous, creating a tripping hazard that can be a liability for residential and commercial property owners. Spray Foam Genie can lift the low pieces of slabs to make concrete smooth and safe. A franchisee’s local salesperson also handles bids on concrete lifting.

Why Spray Foam Genie Has Grown

Spray Foam Genie is no Johnny-come-lately – it has a proven record and a following of thousands/hundreds of happy customers. Twin brothers Chris and Keith Ryan co-founded Spray Foam Genie in 2007; Chris is now the company’s chief operating officer and Keith is chief technology officer. The Ryans and Longe collaborate on all aspects of the business, Longe says, “We’re very in sync on everything. It’s a great partnership.”

We’ve grown quickly because our customers experience the effectiveness of spray foam insulation and appreciate that is non-hazardous and lasts 30 years.

Chris Ryan, co-founder of Spray Foam Genie

The leadership trio has steered the company’s recent growth, but Chris insists that the product is the star. “We’ve grown quickly because our customers experience the effectiveness of spray foam insulation and appreciate that is non-hazardous and lasts 30 years,” Chris says. “Those characteristics make our formula healthier and much more efficient than insulation such as fiberglass.”

A property owner needs about three to 3½ years to recoup the cost of their Spray Foam Genie insulation, Longe says, and a federal tax credit is available. “We also offer 0% financing for 12 months, a great selling point for many consumers,” he adds. “A home or business becomes comfortable the same day the insulation is applied, so the instant gratification factor impresses customers. It’s very rewarding to speak with them and hear how happy they are. The foam also is a barrier to dust, reduces mold and mildew, and produces a sound barrier for the home.”

Franchising since 2022, the company currently has 26 designated markets in 14 states… and is steadily adding more. Spray Foam Genie is looking for single- and multi-unit franchisees who want to operate a rewarding local business. They should be people-oriented and have management skills.

Why to Invest in Spray Foam Genie

Spray Foam Genie franchise

Spray Foam Genie’s proprietary software helps franchisees manage their businesses. The software tracks leads and projects as well as keeps up with quotes. The franchisor offers 24/7 technical support and schedules appointments via a call center. The SFG Software also has an inventory management tool, scheduling tool, and chemical waste management tool. It allows the support team to purview into each rig system for all franchisees right from the home office. The franchisor offers 24/7 technical support and a call center.

Spray Foam Genie has three franchise business models: owner-operator, in which the franchisee runs the business as a full-time job; semi-absentee, a part-time commitment that allows the franchisee to keep his or her day job; and investor, in which corporate will set up and manage the business on behalf of the franchisee. Each franchise needs either flex space or a warehouse. To launch a Spray Foam Genie franchise in one market, a franchisee will need to invest approximately $167,500 to $289,200 for one market; qualified veterans can receive a discount. Spray Foam Genie will have 12 to 15 units open by the end of this year, and a total of 34 have been sold.

To learn more about a Spray Foam Genie franchise opportunity, please visit www.sprayfoamgenie.com/careers/.

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