Showhomes Home Services Scores Points for its Entrepreneurial Culture

Showhomes Home Services Scores Points for its Value Proposition and Entrepreneurial Culture

The Home Staging Franchise Helps Homeowners and Realtors Sell Homes More Quickly

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John Arend spent most of his career in entrepreneurial pursuits. In his 20s, he launched and built his own advertising agency. “I was fortunate to work with hundreds of really interesting clients over nearly 15 years,” he says. After selling the business in 2005, he tried his hand in a variety of enterprising roles, including as a real estate agent, a comedy club manager, and a marketing consultant. After the pandemic hit in 2020, he decided to look into franchising for something more secure.

In his search for a new business opportunity, he found Showhomes Home Services, a home staging franchise and design service that helps homeowners and Realtors sell homes more quickly. Arend was attracted to its size and entrepreneurial culture.

John Arend Showhomes Home Services
John Arend

Value Proposition

Ultimately Showhomes’ value proposition was what sold Arend. “I could see tremendous potential in the home services space.” He loves helping homeowners increase the value and marketability of their homes. “Everything from design consultations, interior design, staging, room updates and home management transform the value of real estate. We get great satisfaction from each project we are a part of.”

Home Staging Business

Since opening his Frisco, Texas location in December 2021, he has found the home staging franchise fulfilling and complex. “It’s a business model that’s rewarding for our team and challenges us always to improve,” Arend says.

Building a new client pipeline and scaling the business has been one of the biggest challenges for Arend, but he acknowledges that being part of an established brand and network has made a huge difference.“ After only 16 months, we’ve been fortunate to create and meet the demand. The established Showhomes brand and franchisee network have helped us with name recognition and managing expectations,” he says. “I have been pleasantly surprised with the mastermind approach taken by the Showhomes family, and I’m extremely encouraged about how far we’ve come already and how much farther we have to go.”

Growing Demand for Home Staging

The Showhomes Home Services Franchise was built to leverage the growing demand for staging homes to sell real estate. According to the National Association of Realtors, 58% of real estate agents stated that home staging had an effect on buyers’ view of the home most of the time, and 81% said staging a home helped buyers to visualize it as a future home. Additionally, 48% of agents reported that staging a home decreased the amount of time it spent on the market.

About the Showhomes Home Services

Showhomes Home Services transforms homes and increases their value through its four core services: home staging, home updating, interior design and short-term rental styling services. While the ideal franchisee doesn’t need prior experience in the home services industry, an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for design are essential. Benefits of franchise ownership include:

  • Low investment ($77,400 – $119,500)
  • Support and training from experienced leadership
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Growing home services industry
  • Welcoming culture
  • No experience necessary
  • Veteran’s discount
  • Creative work
  • Feel-good business

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