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Running a household is more work than it appears to be. A house cannot function without the help of outside services to keep it in its best condition. Homeowners depend on the goods and services of others for the upkeep of their home – as time goes on, all portions of a home will need attention, repair and upgrades. In 2018, there were over 120 million homeowners in the States – that’s a lot of customers who need attention. Plus buildings and rentals also depend on outside services to keep them in the best condition.

It’s impossible to be trained in every skill and rather than selling their homes, more Americans are upgrading and creating a beautiful space for themselves with the help of experts. Whether it’s everyday upkeep, or emergency requests, there are a variety of franchises to choose from when it comes to home services.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When one thinks of the everyday chores of a household, the thought of all the necessary duties needed to keep a house in shape can be daunting. More and more homeowners are opting to pay for the convenience of outsourced assistance.

Maid services

Franchises can now partake in the ongoing cleanliness of homes and gain a profit. With more families on the road and locking more hours outside of the home, their free time is precious and can’t be wasted on chores and cleaning. The cleaning service industry brings in a total of $46 billion annually, while residential services are expected to reach over 75 million by 2022.

A lot of residential cleaning services are mobile franchises, with smaller start up fees and investments,  as well as a better work life balance. Franchisees can allow their teams of employees to run the business and submit reports, while sitting back and gaining a profit.

Lawncare and Landscape

Dependent on the territory, a landscaping franchise can be a successful home service investment. When people are staging their home, they invest in lawn care services to bring the give their homes the best curb appeal, while other homeowners depend on landscaping services for monthly maintenance, including gardening, raking, weeding, and more.

A state that has high temperatures year round would likely garner more profit and customers as a lawn care and landscaping franchise. Though this type of franchise provides residential services, some have good partnerships with buildings and offices to gain more profit.

Speciality Cleaning

While a maid services adheres to the to do list of every household, there are also specialty services that are not used as frequently, but eventually need attention. Such as deep carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, or air and duct cleaning, for example. These services are franchise options, but usually come with a long list of industrial customers as well. If one is willing to take on both residential and business clients, it’s a lucrative business that doesn’t expect much time investment. However, clients can be fickle and chasing customers for particular services could be risky. On the other hand some cleaning services are necessary and always in demand: chimney cleaning for example is a necessity to its function, while high window cleaning needs particular tools that are not carried by most homeowners.

Some franchises have partnerships with retail stores to connect clients after a product is sold that may need cleaning, or even connections with real estate agencies to share clientele.

Repairs and Maintenance

Small repairs may come easy to most homeowners; unfortunately the big jobs cost money and outsourced expertise, which in turn, creates a lot of business opportunities and franchise options.


Though this type of business would be dependent on incident, most people need assistance with emergency plumbing. Plumbing also includes installation – the renovation and building of laundry facilities, as well as bathrooms and kitchens is dependent on knowledgeable plumpers to ensure that the job is done correctly and will not create any leaks or damages the future. 

Most homeowners and builders will tend to call a plumber for installation as well as emergency services to avoid making the situation worse by performing it themselves.

A plumbing franchise would be in direct competition with small business, as well as freelance workers. A franchise would have the reputation, guarantee, branding and marketing as leverage but a comparison of prices within your territory before investment would be helpful. Though some people may invest in the brand, others might choose a small business with cheaper prices. Have conversations with those in the area to get an understanding of customer loyalty and whether or not there is a strong competition.

Appliance Repair

Houses come loaded with a lot of expensive appliances from stoves to washing machines, air conditioners and furnaces. Though most homeowners hope their purchases are long term investments, eventually they need maintenance to function properly as they age.

The consumer market has become a throw away industry; individuals are just tossing old appliances and opting to get new ones, rather than repair their current appliance.

A smaller profit margin in comparison to other franchise, the appliance maintenance industry brought in $2.4 billion in 2017 and is grew an average of 2.8%.

House Detailing

With all the home renovation and design tv shows nowadays, homeowners also want to make their homes Pinterest and Instagram ready. The aesthetic upkeep of a home requires an expert’s hand to insure a clean and professional look. There are plenty of choices for franchises within the field: painting, staging, home design, roofing, windows and much.

Those with a flare for design and a keen interest in home renovations could find passion in such a franchise, while also gaining a nice profit. While those with a background in carpentry and roofing could find a specific field that adheres to those talents.

At the same time, some franchises offer a wide variety of house detailing and decorating services that allow customers to order all services in one shot.

Depending on the service one would like to offer and the size of the business they would like to run, there are numerous options to consider. A brief understanding of expectations, possible profit margins, one’s franchising goals and passions could help narrow down the options.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.

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