Best Life Brands Promotes Jennifer LoBianco to Chief Marketing Officer

HW- Jennifer LoBianco, Best Life Brands

LoBianco Previously Served as Senior Vice President of Marketing

Best Life Brands, an umbrella franchisor of homecare, senior placement, and estate sale franchises, promoted Jennifer LoBianco to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). As CMO, she will oversee marketing initiatives for Best Life Brands. LoBianco previously served as senior vice president of marketing. Franchises under the corporation’s umbrella include ComForCare, CarePatrol, Boost Home Healthcare, and Blue Moon Estate Sales.  

“Best Life Brands’ goal is to provide services to clients who are in need of help along the senior continuum of care. I am so fortunate to work with colleagues and franchisees who are passionate about helping others. Their mission goes beyond making a living; they give others the opportunity to transition to another stage of life with help, guidance, and dignity,” LoBianco said. 

Now that her parents are clients of Best Life Brands, LoBianco gets “to see this level of support from the inside out, and it’s been amazing. As I move into the CMO role, I’m excited to be a part of the leadership team that is focused on continuing to grow the portfolio and helping our existing franchisees thrive.”

Jennifer LoBianco, Best Life Brands
Jennifer LoBianco is the new CMO for Best Life Brands. 

Best Life Brands’ leadership team believes that LoBianco is ready for the challenge of her new role. “Jennifer has been outstanding as our senior vice president of marketing with her ability to juggle the direction and strategy of four brands. She has contributed massively to everything we have done since she joined our business in 2021. As our new CMO, she has huge potential to positively impact our growth, as well as play an important role interacting with our franchisees and with our executive leadership team,” said J.J. Sorrenti, CEO of Best Life Brands.

LoBianco’s Background

Before joining Best Life Brands, LoBianco served in executive roles at Huntington Learning Center and American Financial Resources. She began her career in franchising as a regional marketing manager overseeing the co-op marketing for over 1,000 locations for CENTURY 21, a real estate brand. “Looking back a couple of decades, I really believe that was the best first role in franchise marketing. I really enjoy the opportunities that come with navigating so many different layers of marketing and audiences (direct to consumer, franchise development and franchisee marketing).” 

LoBianco believes that franchising “is an amazing opportunity for someone who has the entrepreneurial spirit but doesn’t want to go it alone. A franchise system is designed to support franchisees every step of the way, so I suggest new franchisees take advantage of everything there is at their disposal and to give input along the way.” 

She added that new franchisees shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. “It’s our job to help them navigate not only the onboarding process of becoming a franchise but the ongoing support they receive.”

How to Improve Marketing Initiatives 

LoBianco suggests that franchisors looking to improve their marketing initiatives should listen to franchisees, who have “great input and oftentimes have tested some type of marketing locally that may have merit on a larger scale.” Franchisors should also be open to testing something new. “No matter how long I’ve been doing this, I never think I know it all [because] too many variables are at play; something that worked last month may not now, so it’s important to stay nimble.” LoBianco also believes franchisors shouldn’t be afraid to try an idea because there aren’t large amounts of data to support it.

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