Hiring Helps this Huntington Learning Center Owner Succeed

Huntington Learning Center Franchise

Multi-Unit Huntington Franchise Owner Believes in Building Kids’ Confidence and Academic Skills

Greg Kulander’s business success couldn’t have happened without the corresponding academic success of K-12 students tutored at his five Huntington Learning Center locations. And the kids’ achievements couldn’t have happened without Kulander’s hiring – and retention – of excellent instructors who instill self-confidence in their students as they improve their academic skills and prepare for standardized tests.  

Huntington Learning Center franchisee Greg Kulander

Kulander has been a Huntington Learning Center franchisee for more than eight years and finds the venture rewarding and interesting. From his previous work experience, he had discovered that many kids were unable to realize their full (vocational) potential because they lacked basic skills in reading, writing and math. As a result, Kulander already knew there was a need for Huntington’s services as he sought a business opportunity for himself. 

Huntington Learning Center Franchise Process

When he heard that a Huntington Learning Center franchise was for sale in Portland, Ore., Kulander took a deep dive into the company. It’s known for its process of 1) assessing each student, 2) developing a personalized education plan, 3) executing customized learning and 4) keeping parents’ informed about progress. Subjects include reading, math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus), writing, phonics, sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), vocabulary and study skills. Test-prep services cover ACT, PSAT, SAT, states’ standardized tests and more.

Kulander was impressed that Huntington Learning Center integrates academic skills, confidence and motivation into its lessons. Those beliefs meshed with his own awareness that academic success boosts self-confidence, and that if children have faith in their abilities, their potential is unlimited. 

So he bought that Portland franchise in February 2014 after previously working as an academic, as an international businessman, and as a leader in a nonprofit that channeled young people toward fulfilling career paths. He has since bought another Portland franchise, two in Southern California and one in Utah.

Finding, Keeping Great Employees

In operating his franchises, Kulander concentrates his efforts on recruiting and retaining excellent tutors and administrative staff. “We’re in a people business. Therefore, the people you have on your team are your most important asset,” he says. Kulander hires managers who, like him, are dedicated to providing quality customer service, possess a keen understanding of educational processes, pay attention to detail and enjoy being around kids. 

“I’ve learned that the best way to retain staff is to ensure they are provided with the resources they need to be successful, including on-the-job training and opportunities for professional and personal growth,” Kulander says. “The Huntington Learning Center corporate team provides a multitude of training and other opportunities for professional interactions with other centers so that best practices can quickly be disseminated. My team feels like they are part of a larger team of supportive individuals.”

Building Confident Students

Kulander also likes that the Huntington Learning Center franchise provides a beneficial cycle of assistance to clients. “When students are knowledgeable about a subject, they feel more confident when speaking in front of a class or taking a test, and the success they experience serves to motivate them to work even harder to build their skills.” 

That means it’s crucial to “look at the bigger picture,” Kulander adds. “It’s not always about math or English. It’s about teaching the students why [becoming proficient in a subject] is important, how it relates to their lives, and building confidence by showing them what they can do with that knowledge.”  

Many kids tutored at Kulander’s centers have been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia or other learning challenges, and his staff has the expertise to accommodate individual needs. “One of the many things I have learned to appreciate over the past eight years is the extreme diversity of brain architecture and development. Our tutoring can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. It has to be tailored to each child’s circumstances. This is one of the strengths of the Huntington system.”

Pandemic Increased Demand 

Greg Kulander owns five Huntington Learning Center franchises, including two in Portland, two in Southern California, and one in Utah.

The Huntington Learning Center franchise has seen its traffic increase because of Covid-19. Virtual learning, weeks of school closures and lost learning, and illness among teachers and students have led to students’ test scores often showing they have slipped a grade level or more. 

The franchise helps students catch up. “Thank you so much for saving my kids and restoring their joy for learning during Covid,” one mom says in praising Kulander’s franchise. “I appreciate the personalized attention and consideration when choosing teachers for the kids and the individualized plan based on their assessments. They truly care about the child.”

Franchise Ownership With Huntington Learning Center

Kulander says Huntington franchise ownership is his “most fun job ever,” with each day posing new challenges and new opportunities to benefit children. “When the kids come to us, they never want to leave. Not only do we help with students’ academics, but we also help support their socio-emotional development by providing them with another set of caring adults in their lives.” 

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center is part of a $5 billion industry that Grand View Research expects to grow to nearly $16 billion by 2027. According to Huntington figures, students served by the Huntington Learning Center franchise will, on average, advance more than two grade levels in reading and math after 50 hours of tutoring; test-prep students increase 5.4 points on the ACT and 299 points on the SAT. Huntington says its students average $71,000-plus in scholarship offers.

The Huntington Learning Center franchise has proved its dedication to both client success and franchisee profitability through the decades. Entrepreneurs can start a Huntington Learning Center franchise for under $150,000. For more information, visit https://huntingtonfranchise.com/ or call 866-821-6744.

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