Clean Juice is the Perfect Choice for this Stay-at-Home Mom

Clean Juice Franchisee

Franchisee Laura Davis was a Loyal Customer Before Investing in her Local Clean Juice

Before she ever imagined becoming a Clean Juice franchise owner, Laura Davis was a loyal customer. She loved stopping in at her local Clean Juice in Charlotte, N.C., to get a smoothie she felt good about: one without any additives or sugar. Her teenage daughter, Morgan Marie, was one of the shop’s first employees and knew instantly that her mom would make a great Clean Juice franchise owner. “My daughter would say, ‘mom, you need to open a Clean Juice … it’s so you,’” Davis says.

Although Davis was a business owner prior to having kids and hoped to be again, she didn’t have immediate plans. But when she learned that her local Clean Juice was for sale, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “I just went for it,” she says. Davis took over the Rea Farms Clean Juice of Charlotte, in January, 2019 and has poured herself into the business everyday since.

Initially, Davis employed a general manager when she took over the business, but she now functions as the hands-on manager and enjoys spending time in the store working with her team. “I love staying on the pulse of the business,” she says.

clean juice franchise laura davis and family
Davis at her son’s wedding with her husband Jamey, their two children, and new daughter in-law. Both Davis children (Nicholas, 24, and Morgan Marie, 21) worked at the Clean Juice store. 

Building a Clean Juice Team

Davis jokes that she went from raising two kids to raising 22 — her teenage, part-time employees. “My staff is incredible,” she says. “A lot of my team comes from affluent families, and most don’t really need a job — they just love the job and believe in the product. They all have a great work ethic because they love Clean Juice. I have raised a strong team in my teenage employees.”

Clean Juice franchise
Davis with her store’s “Juice Booster” (influencer). 

In 2022, Davis was named Clean Juice’s Operator of the Year. Even though she is humble about the recognition, she knows that her enthusiasm for Clean Juice has driven her success. “I love the brand and everything it stands for,” she says. As part of the Clean Juice advisory council, Davis helps test out new products and innovations.

Davis says that successful franchise ownership comes from positivity. “Passion is one thing, but when tough days come, you have to keep grinding it out. If you don’t have a positive attitude, your customers and staff will see it right away.”

clean juice franchise

About Clean Juice

Husband-and-wife team Landon and Kat Eckles created Clean Juice in 2014 to simplify the search for healthier fast-casual food options. The brand began franchising in 2017, and now there are nearly 200 Clean Juice locations throughout the U.S.

About USDA Certification

Clean Juice was the first juice bar franchise to establish a USDA-Certified Organic product. USDA-certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines regarding soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control and additives. With this distinction, customers can trust that Clean Juice is transparent with what it puts in its products.

Tim Tebow and Clean Juice

NFL great Tim Tebow became a brand ambassador for Clean Juice in July 2021. As a person of faith who lives a clean lifestyle, Tebow was an ideal representative for the juice bar franchise. Clean Juice and the Tim Tebow Foundation also worked together to give back to communities with the brand’s Quarters 4 Kids project.

Two Growing Markets: Organic Juices and Wellness

Clean Juice leverages two growing markets: organic juices and wellness. According to Market Research Future, the organic juices market is projected to be valued at $60.2 billion. The wellness industry is expected to reach nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025, with an annual growth rate of 9.9%.

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