Boost Home Healthcare Presents a New Market of Home Health Services

Boost Home Healthcare

With the backing of Best Life Brands, Boost Home Healthcare offers an emerging franchise opportunity with the support of an industry leader

There is no shortage of passion and enthusiasm about Boost Home Healthcare from CEO J.J. Sorrenti. At the helm of Best Life Brands, he leads the parent company of the emerging home healthcare brand. Best Life Brands encompasses a family of established franchise companies focused on wellness and well-being. “The home healthcare industry is absolutely booming,” he says. Sorrenti is particularly excited about Boost because it offers a whole new market of opportunity. Boost Home Healthcare offers services that used to only be available in hospitals, but now can be performed in the comfort of patients‘ homes. “This is a game-changer for cancer patients, and people in recovery from accidents or surgeries.”

J.J. Sorrenti is CEO at Best Life Brands, the parent company of Boost Home Healthcare and a family of established franchise companies focused on wellness and well-being.

“We’re helping people
live better lives.”

J.J. Sorrenti

Home health services

Boost Home Healthcare offers an array of home health services including healthcare, rehabilitation, and clinical services to enhance at-home healing and support recovery. “We offer a full spectrum of home health services, ranging from nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy,” he says. 

Most insurance companies and Medicare cover home health services. Since insurance companies want to lower costs in hospitals, the services Boost Home Healthcare provides offer a cost-effective alternative. Boost helps patients regain their strength and work on their balance to prevent future falls and re-admittance to hospitals. Given that fact, it makes sense that insurance companies readily cover these services.

Boost Home Healthcare franchise opportunity

Like any business, Boost Home Healthcare isn’t without its challenges and is not for everyone. Franchise owners must be good relationship builders to get referrals from doctors, hospitals, and therapists. They also need patience to be able to navigate licensing agencies. But the potential rewards are huge, says Sorrenti. “Not only is Boost Home Healthcare a business with huge income potential, but it also offers an opportunity to make a real difference,” he says. “You don’t have to choose between work that has meaning with work that is lucrative. With Boost and its home health services, franchise owners can have the best of both worlds. It’s truly a win-win opportunity.”

Ideal franchise owner

  • Highly motivated relationship builders
  • Excellent communicators
  • Strong management skills
  • Nursing, therapists, healthcare management backgrounds
  • Non-medical executives
  • Passion for home healthcare
  • Desire to impact their community
Boost Home Healthcare’s services help people recover from illness and injury and prevent re-admittance to hospitals.

Why Boost Home Healthcare?

  • Feel-good business: Boost Home Healthcare helps patients recover and prevent future falls and re-admittance to hospitals.
  • Strong culture: Boost Home Healthcare’s core values are focused on wellness and well-being.
  • Backed by an industry leader: As part of Best Life Brands, Boost Home Healthcare offers all the support and experience of an industry leader with the opportunity of an emerging brand.
  • Low investment with a high return: The franchise opportunity is a low-risk, low-barrier-to-entry franchise. 
  • Growing Industry: Home healthcare is a growing, billion-dollar industry.
  • Covered by insurance: Most insurance providers and Medicare cover home health services.

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