Boost Home Healthcare Franchise Owners Cater to a Growing Need

Boost Home Healthcare

With Skilled Nursing and Rehab Services at Home, Seniors Can Recover in a More Comfortable Environment

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Jackie Lleverino is President of Boost Home Healthcare, a nurse-inspired home healthcare service franchise designed to help individuals reclaim their health independence from the comfort of their homes. Boost employs skilled workers such as occupational therapists and medical social workers who perform skilled nursing and rehab services at home. Below, Lleverino shares the benefits of franchise ownership with Boost Home Healthcare and the value it brings to its customers.

Jackie Lleverino, president of Boost Home Healthcare.

Why are Boost’s services more important than ever with the aging population? 
Most people want to recover in the comfort of their own homes. As the 65-plus population grows, the need for clinical home health care will grow as well. It’s important that we put quality home healthcare at the forefront to help seniors receive care in the place that makes them happiest.      

Who does Boost help? 
We help patients recovering from an illness or injury, transitioning from a hospital stay, or those who are working to regain their independence by providing clinical excellence and compassionate care, one patient at a time.   

How are Boost’s services better than the ones performed in facilities?
Our approach is personalized to our clients and their changing needs and schedules. By offering convenient and quality care at their place of residence, we aim to enhance at-home healing and support recovery. Some of the added benefits include:

  • Expert care without leaving the comfort of your residence.
  • Personalization and one-on-one communication.
  • A more relaxed and familiar environment post-hospital stay. 
  • Reduced risk of falls in a safer space.
  • Affordable care that may be covered by insurance or Medicare.

Describe the difference that Boost makes in people’s lives
Over the last decade, Boost has provided high-quality healthcare for patients in our community, resulting in our reputation of responsibility, compassion and professionalism. With this foundation and continued focus on core values, we aim to become known as the nation’s leader in quality home healthcare. 

What do you want people to know about Boost? 
We are not a home care agency; we are a health care agency. Our employees are skilled workers such as occupational therapists and medical social workers. Our business model is run Monday through Friday under normal business hours. We are looking for empire builders. Hundreds of territories are still open. Boost is a brand with high growth potential, backed by the expertise and brand power of Best Life Brands. 

Who is the Boost client? 
Our clients are patients, their families and their medical providers who all work together to ensure patients get the best care to aid in their recovery. Our nurse-inspired approach is focused on collaborating and keeping providers updated frequently while helping families along the recovery journey. 

Who is the ideal Boost franchise owner?

Boost franchisees are the face and voice of their business. They have a passion for building relationships that will be valuable for referral sources. They also oversee operational functions of the business, home health aide recruitment, and retention, as well as financial management. Medical experience is not required. Key skills include:

  • Managing people and processes to meet regulations.
  • Marketing and selling.
  • Recruitment and retention.
  • Leadership and inspiration.
  • Owners, not operators.
  • Trailerblazers / first in market.

Boost Home Healthcare is part of Best Life Brands, a portfolio of companies
supporting a continuum of care. For more information, visit

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