United Franchise Group Promotes Taylor Gregory to Director of Marketing

HW- Taylor Gregory

Gregory will Assist with Franchise Sales and Franchisee Marketing

United Franchise Group (UFG), a franchisor of leading brands, has promoted Taylor Gregory to director of marketing. She was recently UFG’s director of franchise development. As director of marketing, Gregory will assist with franchise sales and franchisee marketing. She is also responsible for UFG’s franchise development budget, managing the franchise development team and vendor accounts, and contributing to the UFG internship program.

“I’m so excited to move into this new role here at UFG! I’m ready to take my current knowledge of the brands and franchise lead generation and sales into my position as director of marketing. I also can’t wait to see the growth that will come from my time here in this new position as I help elevate UFG into an even bigger player in the franchise industry,” Gregory said. 

Gregory adds that UFG created National Women in Franchising Appreciation Day, and she knows there are a lot greater things to come at UFG. “I look forward to working directly under Ray Titus, our CEO, and helping make his visions come to life.”

In Gregory’s view, UFG has done a great job investing in and growing its team. “They spend time training us and give us opportunities in roles that many other places probably wouldn’t. This shows the level of opportunity and success our employees have here. I’m a perfect example of what that looks like.” 

More Behind UFG

Over the course of her three years at UFG, Gregory climbed the ladder from an entry level sales position to marketing coordinator. She took on the role of director of franchise development after seeing amazing success and growth in the department. “Our company is on track to have a record year for franchise sales with me in that role. If you can prove yourself here, you will be given great opportunities and that’s what I love so much about this company.”

To Gregory, the access that franchisees have to UFG’s network of franchise partners is beneficial. “That’s why events like our UFG Expo last year are so inspiring and powerful. I believe in the coming years we are going to pose ourselves more and more as thought leaders in franchising. There is so much knowledge and great people here now. We just have to go and share more of that with the world.” 

Taylor Gregory, UFG
Taylor Gregory is UFG’s new director of marketing. 

She adds that UFG is big on philanthropy. For example, the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University gives back to underserved entrepreneurial students. “I know we’ll continue to build and grow here making this a place for continued success; not only for our franchisees but for our employees, as well.”

Gregory’s Background

Like many people at UFG, Gregory was referred to the company. “I knew someone who worked at UFG and spoke very highly of the organization. When the time came for me to move back to West Palm Beach, Fla. after graduating from Southeastern University, I interviewed for a sales role at UFG and have loved it ever since.”

Gregory has loved marketing from a young age. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a YouTuber. I loved watching people online, and I loved TV commercials. As I got into college and was taking general business classes, marketing, by far, became my favorite. I remember having to create a marketing plan for a new product I came up with, and I was so passionate about the project.”

For entrepreneurs looking to get into the industry, Gregory urges doing research. “There are many opportunities out there, and you want to make sure you are choosing a brand that is the right fit for you. Ask yourself if you can follow a system. And if so, which support team, brand and types of returns are you looking for? Then once you choose the right one for you, work hard at it! If you work hard and follow the system, you’ll see success.” 

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