IFPG Taps Lisa Ocker as Senior Editor

HireWire - Franchise News - Lisa Ocker, IFPG

Ocker is an Experienced Journalist and a Passionate Storyteller

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), an award-winning franchise broker organization, has welcomed Lisa Ocker as senior editor. With this role, she will write and edit content for Franchise Consultant Magazine and the FranchiseWire news platform.

Ocker enjoys interviewing franchisees and franchisors, learning about their brands, as well as their challenges and their triumphs. “I love the feeling that I’m a partner, in a way, helping them to achieve their goals by sharing their stories. Having had this positive experience as a freelancer, it was a no-brainer for me to leap at the opportunity for a full-time role.” She looks forward to developing more relationships with IFPG members and executing content strategies tailored to meet their needs.

“Lisa has been an outstanding freelancer for us over the past year, so we are thrilled to have her join our team full-time,” said Jill Abrahamsen, editorial director of IFPG. “She’s an absolute pro and a master storyteller. With FranchiseWire and IFPG growing so rapidly, we needed a seasoned veteran like Lisa to come in and hit the ground running.”

HireWire - Franchise News - Lisa Ocker, IFPG
Lisa Ocker is the new senior editor for IFPG.

Love of Journalism

Ocker’s interest in journalism goes back to a high school career day when a local TV news anchor spoke about his work. “He said work in journalism enables a person to help change the world in positive ways. Making a positive difference was my primary goal then and now.”

In addition to staff writing positions at The Palm Beach Post and South Florida Sun-Sentinel, her work has appeared in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Newsweek. But serving as editor in the 2008 launch of SUCCESS, a national newsstand magazine, is what she considers to be her greatest achievement. SUCCESS had been published in various iterations by different publishers for about 100 years. The brand was sold to a Texas-based entrepreneur who hired her to re-launch the publication with a new focus on personal development. “Instead of concentrating solely on what successful businesspeople, sports figures and celebrities accomplished, our aim was to describe how they achieved their success through the habits, skills and mindset they developed.”

Ocker was responsible for leading the editorial team and executing the editorial strategy and direction of the publication. “It was hard work, but the positive response from readers was worth it,” she said.

The Importance of Storytelling

Interviewing entrepreneurs has given Ocker a deep respect and admiration for their risk-taking to achieve their goals for themselves and their families. Regardless of a person’s background or experience, she believes storytelling is a means of relating to others’ experiences, challenges, hopes, dreams and failures. “Consumers don’t want to be told how to act or feel about a brand — they want to reach their own conclusions, and storytelling helps them to do that. Generally, the elements of a story include a protagonist, setting, conflict and a resolution. But the devil’s in the details,” said Ocker. For example, when she interviewed Wingers Restaurant & Alehouse franchisees Jeff Creer and Eric Gunter, they shared little details — like Jeff driving three hours from Salt Lake City with the intention of closing a restaurant — that spoke volumes, she said. 

“The three-hour drive is a great detail; having to drive three hours while dreading such an unpleasant task really sets the tone, creates tension and conflict,” Ocker explained. “Jeff and Eric both provided fantastic quotes rich in detail and emotion. You’ll have to read the story to find out how things turned out!”

About IFPG

IFPG is a franchise broker organization with more than 1,500 franchisors, franchise consultants and vendor members. Together, IFPG members guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of identifying and investing in a franchise business.

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Haley Cafarella is a passionate journalist and writer for IFPG. In her role as content and marketing specialist, she creates original articles for FranchiseWire and Franchise Consultant Magazine. Her specialties include educational articles about buying a franchise and franchise consulting. She also reports on franchise professionals who were recently promoted or hired through FranchiseWire’s popular HireWire series.

Haley has contributed to a variety of regional publications, including Quo Vadis, New Brunswick Today, and the Trenton Monitor. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Rutgers University.
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