From Caregiver to Career, to Business Owner

It’s no secret that the gig economy is here to stay. Trends show that workers are increasingly drawn to jobs where they can ‘run their own show’, often lured by the flexibility that comes with choosing their own hours – but what does this mean for financial stability?

Recent reports show that workers who support themselves through the gig economy experience far more financial struggles than the average person, and 58% of full-time gig workers said they would have a hard time coming up with $400 to cover an emergency bill compared to 38% of people in ‘regular’ employment.

Caregivers make up one of the largest segments of the gig economy

With a reputation for inconsistent work schedules and limited career advancement, the home care industry is no stranger to the challenges brought on by labor shortages. Caregivers have shared stories of working multiple jobs to make ends meet with some even leaving the industry altogether in search of higher wages and better conditions. If this issue is so widespread, what are providers doing to counteract it?

Enter Nurse Next Door.

Committed to disrupting the home care space, Nurse Next Door launched Caregiving as a Career to set a new standard for the industry. The initiative gives Nurse Next Door caregivers the best of both worlds – the flexibility of an app-based scheduling system providing the ability to accept shifts in real-time, and the financial peace of mind that comes with competitive wages, and in more and more cases, guaranteed hours, benefits and upward career progression. Caregiving as a Career achieved great overall success in boosting employee morale, caregiver retention and internal promotions within the organization. Many HeartQuarters (head office) employees have come from a caregiver background and continue to thrive in their corporate roles.

Leveling up, and the opportunity for business ownership in a booming industry

Following the success of Caregiving as a Career, Nurse Next Door took it one step further and launched Caregiver to Business Owner. This exciting iteration breaks down the barriers to business ownership by giving caregivers flexible options to purchase their own Nurse Next Door franchise. Some of Nurse Next Door’s strongest franchise partners are former caregivers – their invaluable insights and on-the-job experience means that they know the business better than anyone. Franchise partner and Personal Support Worker Tammy Bale from London, Ontario made the leap to business owner in 2015. “I feel like it has been such an asset having a background in caregiving.”, she says. “ I feel like it gave me an advantage to really know what things I did not want to see happen in my business as well. I was so excited at the opportunity to provide care and to lead a team of caregivers that felt as passionate as I did when it came to good quality care.”.

It’s an exciting time for those who are interested in a home care franchise. The US home care market is expected to grow to $225 billion by 2024, driven by the ever-increasing elderly population. Caregiver employment is also set to soar, with growth projected to grow by 36% from 2018 to 2028 which is significantly faster than the average for all other occupations. When it comes to combining profit and purpose to build a home care franchise with heart – the future is bright!

Founded in 2001, Nurse Next Door is one of North America’s fastest-growing home care providers with over 200 franchises across Canada, the United States and Australia. To learn more about available franchise opportunities, visit or call 1-855-737-6803.

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