Amada Senior Care Franchise Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Amada Senior Care franchise

After a Decade of Growth, First Franchisees Flourish in Friendship and Prosperity

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Marcos Moura couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities and possibilities with Amada Senior Care. As a co-owner and chief development officer of the brand, he has helped build the senior care franchise from the ground up. He first learned about Amada from the company’s now executive chairman Jared Turner, who also happens to be Moura’s brother-in-law. Turner introduced Moura to co-founder Chad Fotheringham when he was looking to franchise the senior care business. “Chad wanted to get into franchising, and I wanted a new opportunity…. It just grew from there,” Moura says.

They launched the franchise opportunity in 2012 and have built a successful operation with more than 165 locations awarded and 110 owners. But that’s just part of what gets Moura excited. “What I never imagined is that we would grow into such a tight-knit family,” he says. “The founders are still involved after 10 years, and our first franchise partners are thriving. In fact, the first, second and third franchisees recently renewed their 10-year contracts.”

Amada Senior Care franchise
As an annual tradition to celebrate their friendship, Amada’s first two franchise partners and the corporate team take a trip to New York City to have some fun and visit the International Franchise Expo. This year, they took in a Billy Joel concert together at Madison Square Garden. Pictured from left to right: Amada’s first franchisee, Robert Christensen; chief development officer Marcos Moura; executive chairman Jared Turner; and the second Amada franchisee, Ken Jenson.

Every year, Moura and his brother-in-law along with the first two Amada franchisees make a pilgrimage to New York City together. “It’s a tradition that reminds us of our friendship and how lucky we were to come together in 2012,” he says.

It’s a business that requires hard work, but it can change your life.

As much as Moura loves the business and opportunity, he is quick to point out that it’s not for everyone. “It’s a business that requires hard work, but it can change your life,” he says. “Our largest franchise partners are doing unbelievably well and have created huge, lucrative operations, but the business can be brutally hard.”

Running the Business

Moura says that successful franchisees have to be aggressive, laser-focused on sales, good with people and mission-driven. “Yes, you need a big heart, but it doesn’t stop there. You have to be aggressive. If you don’t like people or making sales calls, then it’s not for you,” he says.

Hiring caregivers is an essential part of the business and one that never ends. For every family that signs on, there should be two caregivers available. Some of Amada’s bigger franchisees employ 400-plus caregivers. Moura points out that once you have a great caregiver, they can stay with a family for years. “It’s all about hiring the right people,” he says.

Another huge part of growing an Amada franchise is going out and meeting with potential referral sources such as health care providers and assisted living facilities. “This is something that franchisees should do every day,” he says.

When franchise owners follow Amada’s proven system, the possibilities are endless, says Moura. “There’s no such thing as someone who comes in with the right skillset, does everything we ask and fails,” he says. “Our franchise partners are amazing entrepreneurs, and our validation is incredible.”

In-Home Care Services Market

As more and more American reach the age of 65, the demand for in-home senior care services will continue to increase. According to Fortune Business Insights, the U.S. home healthcare services market is predicted to grow to $153.19 billion by 2029.

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Ideal Amada Senior Care Franchise Owner

Amada Senior Care franchise

Amada Senior Care looks for compassionate franchise partners who are motivated and driven to be effective business leaders. The franchisor’s mission is to “enrich the lives of our clients, their families, our staff and the senior community they serve.” Amada values the following qualities in a franchise partner:

  • Compassionate/charitable
  • Competitively driven to be the best
  • Urgency in all things
  • Farmer/entrepreneur mentality
  • Confidently humble
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