Mission Drives the Culture of In Home Personal Services

In Home Personal Services Franchise

Providing Dignified, Quality Care is at the Heart of the Senior Care Franchise

The growth and inspiration for In Home Personal Services dates back to the time the company’s co-founder was a teenager. At the age of 15, Michael Collura began working with his mother at a nursing home. That experience helped him realize that he genuinely wanted to care for people and prompted Collura and his mother to create In Home Personal Services in 2004. Its mission is to provide dignified, quality care that allows seniors to live comfortably in their own homes.

Throughout the years, Collura perfected every aspect of In Home Personal Services. He created a school to meet the demand for quality care givers, took feedback from franchisees to improve the system, continued to help others, and improved the business model during the pandemic.

Sustainable Growth

In Collura’s view, there are several important elements for sustainable growth in a franchise system. “You have to be able to grow to scale and be prepared to write what your KPI means. Growth and innovation are cornerstones for any long-term successful business. Doing well in the first few years is a challenge, but certainly not so much in a franchise system,” Collura says.

In Home Personal Services co-founder Michael Collura
In Home Personal Services co-founder Michael Collura

Looking back on his franchise system, Collura is happy he took the time to build it right and in a manner that matters to the franchisees. “Fortunately, that lesson is one we learned early on. We achieved all the goals we envisioned to set ourselves apart in the industry,” he says. Collura credits his franchise partners and leadership team with realizing those goals.

To help franchise owners scale effectively, Collura looks at the big picture. “It is no longer enough for a brand to say they have a proven business model. What does that even mean in a post-pandemic economy? The rules have changed, and brands need to be ready to build an operation platform that is recession- and pandemic-resistant. Otherwise nothing you do will be effective.”

Don’t try to copy anyone. Build your own business.

Collura’s advice for emerging brands is to be unique. “Don’t try to copy anyone. Build your own business. If you set out to be a mirror copy, you will have nothing more than a diluted brand with no vision and no differentiators.”

The Evolution of In Home Personal Services

In Home Personal Services seniorcare franchise


Before franchising In Home Personal Services, co-founder Michael Collura perfected its business model. Here are some of the milestones in the brand’s evolution.

2004: In Home Personal Services is founded.
2005: Within its first year, the company serves 100 seniors.
2008: Collura establishes a school to meet the demand of quality caregivers. The school is named Matthews after Collura’s late brother.
2009: Planning for the franchise system begins.
2013: In Home Personal Services awards its first franchise locations.
2020: Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand protected its franchise owners and showed the resilience of its business model.
2022: In Home Personal Services has 15 units: nine franchised and six corporate owned locations. The company is expanding across the Midwest.

For more information about the In Home Personal Services franchise, visit https://www.ihps.com/franchise.

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