Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Announces Chris Webb as Vice President of Supply Operations

HW - Chris Webb, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Webb Subscribes to a Franchisee-First Mentality

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii tapped Chris Webb as vice president of supply operations. With this role, he will ​​lead the coffee franchisor’s operations, fulfillment, and supply chain to support franchisees and omni-channel organizations. He brings two decades of experience to the role. 

“I feel so fortunate to join Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii at such a pivotal time for the company and its customers. It’s an exciting opportunity to become part of a high-growth, unique, and energized brand. I was attracted to the brand for a number of reasons — from the passion of the team and ‘ohana spirit,’ to the franchisees, and loyal customer following,” Webb said. He added that his goal is to build a culture of high performance and collaboration through fostering a great work environment. He strives to drive efficiency and optimize processes and resources to propel the company’s growth with technology and innovation as a high priority. 

Bad Ass Coffee’s leadership team believes that Webb is the right person for the job. “We look forward to his contributions in positioning Bad Ass Coffee as a premium coffee brand in the QSR space, while providing unparalleled support to our franchisees as we continue to grow our brand footprint. As we aim to expand and elevate our brand to new heights, his expertise and strategic vision will be instrumental,” said CEO Scott Snyder. 

Chris Webb, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
Chris Webb is the new vice president of supply operations for Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii. 

As the coffee franchisor plans to open 150 locations in the next five years, its leadership team continues to expand. In addition to Webb, Sue Sauer and Chris Ruszkowski were recently promoted. 

Webb’s Franchising Journey

Webb got his start in franchising at Yum! Brands, where he learned how franchise organizations work on a large scale. He also worked with Chipotle, Noodles & Company, and Black Rifle Coffee Company in operations and supply chain roles. 

The Importance of Supply Chains

Webb noticed the commonplace usage of the term “supply chain” during the Covid-19 pandemic, which was caused by the disruptions of essential goods, luxury imported products, and more. This gave many consumers their first glimpse into where products are made and what it takes to get it to them. While not everything is as it was prior to the pandemic, he believes that strides have been made in both recovery and supply chain contingency planning.

Companies that didn’t look at supply chain as a strategic resource have now focused substantial resources towards its security. Logistics, shipping, and freight, which is exacerbated by the decline in the number of truck drivers is the biggest concern for the U.S. supply chain, he says. 

Improving Efficiencies

In Webb’s view, franchisors can strengthen their supply chains through various means. For example, he believes they should maintain strong relationships with suppliers to plan effectively and address any challenges. By leveraging technology, he believes franchisors can enhance the supply chain’s efficiency. He also suggests that franchisors conduct a thorough risk assessment of their supply chains to identify potential vulnerabilities. He added that regularly monitoring supplier performance, key performance indicators, and supply chain metrics are also essential.

Finding a Personal Fit

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii franchise

Webb urges aspiring franchise owners to assess their personal fit for a brand, be passionate about the brand and feel invigorated by it. He also stresses the importance of support and training and the franchisor’s dedication to franchisee success.

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