Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Adds New Store Layouts to Fuel Franchise Growth

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Flexible Designs are a Plus for Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Franchisees and Customers

To better serve franchisees and customers, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii has designed new store models that feature double drive-through lanes and streamlined order pickup. The 33-year-old company is known for excellence in the roasting and brewing of Hawaiian coffees and international blends – along with peerless customer service – at its cafés and kiosks. 

In the third quarter of this year, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii will launch the first of the new models in Henderson, Tenn. It has a freestanding full café plus a drive-through lane. This layout has an interior footprint that can range from about 1,650 to 1,800 square feet. 

The brand’s second new model, which will debut in the fourth quarter of 2022, is also freestanding, although it has double drive-through lanes and no interior café. This model will require about 500 to 740 square feet of space.  

Bad Ass Coffee Store Models

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Store Model
Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii franchisees will have more layout options to suit the real estate available in their desired areas.

With the new models being rolled out, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii franchisees will have more layout options to suit the real estate available in their desired areas. That flexibility in turn will help the franchise achieve its growth goal of opening 150 new stores during the next five years. Here are the models that franchisees can choose from:

  1. A traditional in-line store with a café and a drive-through lane. 
  2. A freestanding single-drive-through kiosk with pickup windows and no indoor seating. Outdoor seating is contingent upon availability at the particular site. 
  3. A freestanding double-drive-through kiosk with pickup windows and no indoor seating. And again: Outdoor seating is contingent upon availability at the particular site. 
  4. A freestanding full café that has a drive-through and exterior seating.
  5. A nontraditional kiosk with a limited menu. These are found, for example, inside supermarkets, shopping malls and transportation hubs (airports, train stations, etc.). The size of these kiosks is determined on a case-by-case basis by site restrictions. 

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii embarked on its growth plan shortly after it was acquired by Colorado-based Royal Aloha Coffee Co. in 2019. The new owner laid the foundation for expansion by relaunching the brand with a new logo, packaging and restaurant design. The highly flexible new store prototypes represent another tactic to nurture growth. 

Flexible Buildout Models

“Flexibility is a big driver for accelerating our franchise expansion,” said Scott Snyder, CEO of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii. “With a roster of buildout models, we’re able to better address consumer needs and give our franchisees the freedom to open a Bad Ass Coffee model that makes sense in their desired market. In site selection, we understand a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work. We’re confident our roster of store models enables us to provide solutions to franchisees while also offering our customers the most convenient and enjoyable environment possible.” 

Snyder added that the company has “aggressive growth plans to expand our franchise network on the mainland and to reestablish a strong presence in Hawaii. We are also pursuing multichannel growth of our brand through grocery, hospitality and online sales.”

Born on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1989, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii specialized in sales of American-grown coffee from Kona, Ka’u, Maui, Moloka’I and Kauai. Today its cafés and kiosks also sell popular blended drinks, signature lattes, cold brews, teas, foods with a Hawaiian twist and branded merchandise. 

Single- and Multi-Unit Franchisees Welcomed

As it grows, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii wants to partner with single- and multi-unit owners who are passionate about the brand. Entrepreneurs will need to invest $304,500 to $620,000 in a Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii franchise opportunity. The company is a member of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program, and military veterans who purchase franchises will receive a $10,000 discount off their initial franchise fees. 

The franchise currently has more than 20 locations in operation, with 70 more in development. Territories are available nationwide, and franchisees will receive full build-out and design assistance from experts at Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii headquarters. For more information about this franchise opportunity, visit or call 833-205-2224.

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