24 Franchisor Mission Statements that Inspire

24 Franchise Mission Statements that Inspire

The Heart and Soul of a Company Can Be Revealed in its Mission Statement

A company is much more than just the products and services it sells. What defines a company and gives it personality is its culture, values and people. For example, some brands like Chick-fil-A and Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services have faith-based values that drive their culture. Other brands might focus on sustainability, giving back or family values. Whatever the culture, most brands sum it up with a mission statement. If you want to get a better sense of what a franchise brand is all about, take a look at its mission statement. 

Purpose of a Mission Statement

Mission statements concisely explain a company’s purpose in a sentence or a paragraph. The objective is to inspire and inform. While a mission statement may overlap with other marketing content, it’s not the same as a vision statement, value statement, or slogan. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next investment, here are 24 franchise mission statements to consider.  

ARCpoint Labs

ARCpoint Labs, mission statement

Mission Statement: To provide innovative, accessible, health and wellness insights and solutions for individuals, businesses and communities.
The brand’s culture/vibe: As a franchise business that offers personal medical services (testing, alcohol screening, corporate wellness programs), ARCpoint Labs has a people-centric culture that allows patients to be in control of their healthcare. Franchisees with the brand are friendly and know how to effectively reach out to local small and mid-size businesses, physician’s clinics, consumers and more.
How its mission is fulfilled: ARCpoint Labs has a portal where patients can order a variety of tests, which are cost effective because the franchise doesn’t accept health insurance and bypasses insurance companies. ARCpoint Labs offers DNA testing, wellness testing, lab testing, background testing, legal and judicial testing, and more. In addition to working directly with customers, franchisees work with B2B clients, municipalities and physicians.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s, mission statement

Mission Statement: Ben & Jerry’s is founded on and dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity. Central to the Mission of Ben & Jerry’s is the belief that all three parts of its mission must thrive equally in a manner that commands deep respect for individuals inside and outside the Company and supports the communities of which they are a part.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Ben & Jerry’s culture is driven by progressive values of human rights, environmental protection, and social and economic justice. The ice cream franchise isn’t afraid to make its views known. The brand’s ice cream also has fun names like Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, Change is Brewing, and Americone Dream, and it sticks to its Vermont roots. 
How its mission is fulfilled: To make communities better, the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation was founded to support grassroots groups throughout the U.S. and provide grants to Vermonters. Ben and Jerry’s also has climate goals, including being 100% renewable energy by 2025, and works with organizations aligned with views on social justice and help make their products more. 


 BodyBrite, mission statement

Mission Statement: Let your beauty shine.
The brand’s culture/vibe: The family of medspa franchises (boutique and Flex) caters to Millennials and Gen-zers, the main drivers of the industry. The medspa franchise’s modern locations make customers feel comfortable and ready for a day of self-care.
How its mission is fulfilled: At the BodyBrite franchise, beauty-related services such as laser hair removal are brought to the public. These services help people to look and feel their best. To cater to Millennials, Gen-zers and their parents, the brand offers gender-neutral services to broaden its base as much as possible. 


CarePatrol, Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide safer care options for seniors across America.
The brand’s culture/vibe: CarePatrol’s culture is people-centered and focuses on helping families find a great senior care facility for their loved ones. Staff members and franchisees should be passionate about customer service and helping others.
How its mission is fulfilled: CarePatrol refers families to assisted living, independent living or memory care facilities by following a three-step process. By learning more about the family’s needs and going to torus with them to facilitate, CarePatrol franchisees help them find the best facility for them. 


Chick-fil-A, mission statement

Mission Statement: To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Chick-fil-A’s culture is centered around treating people with dignity and respect. The fast-food giant has faith-based values that guide all of its activities and policies. 
How its mission is fulfilled: Due to its prioritization of customer service, Chick-fil-A scored an 83 in the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index. This is one the reasons why Chick-fil-A has massive sales even with being closed on Sundays. To make all staff members feel involved, Chick-fil-A does regular meetings to foster collaboration; the Cathy family, which owns the fast-food giant, hosts an optional Monday morning devotion; and subsidized childcare services are also offered. Chick-fil-A also gives back to the community through charitable giving and scholarships. 

Christian Brothers Automotive

Chrisitan Brothers Automotive, mission statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is simple: love your neighbor as yourself. We understand that a guest’s vehicle is an essential component to their everyday life connecting them to the places and people that matter most. We approach car repair services with a commitment to loving our neighbors. In doing so, we prioritize transparency and fairness, and offer reliable and honest service. From simple tune-ups to intensive diagnostics, repairs, and replacements, our network of Christian Brothers Automotive professionals is ready to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.
The brand’s culture/vibe: As the name implies, the automotive franchise has Chrisitan-based values. These include patience, compassion, and generosity. All guests are treated like family, and the brand’s locations have attractive, accommodating lobby areas where they can enjoy coffee. 
How its mission is fulfilled: The automotive franchise is committed to transparency about its services. Christian Brothers also offers the “Nice Difference” warranty, which lasts for 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Clean Juice

 Clean Juice mission statement

Mission Statement: To provide the communities we serve with a truly healthy and delicious product in an inviting atmosphere that leads to a healthy body and strong spirit (3 John 1:2). 
The brand’s culture/vibe: Clean Juice’s vibe and culture are fun and people-centric. The juice bar franchise’s mission to bring people together with clean, healthy products is driven by faith-based values. 
How its mission is fulfilled: To fulfill its mission, Clean Juice produces clean products that have been certified organic by the USDA. The juice bar brand’s menu includes a variety of sandwiches, smoothies, salads, cold-pressed juices, and more. Clean Juice has also partnered national ambassador Tim Tebow to be a spokesperson for the brand’s values of pursuing a clean lifestyle. 

College HUNKS Hauling Junk

College HUNKS Hauling Junk, mission statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help people live the American Dream of owning a business and making a positive impact.
The brand’s culture/vibe: The culture of College HUNKS Hauling Junk is socially-conscious and purpose driven. The brand has a deep commitment to serving communities and making an impact. 
How its mission is fulfilled: To accomplish its mission of making a positive impact, College HUNKS has a national partnership with U.S. Hunger, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending hunger. The moving and junk removal franchise has used its trucks to help load, transport, and deliver food supplies, tables, and equipment to assist with many hunger related projects across the U.S. College HUNKS values its franchisees and believes that creating a fun work environment builds strong teams. 


 Coolgreens, mission statement

Mission Statement: At Coolgreens, our mission is to fuel healthy communities with fresh food through a chef-inspired menu of signature salads, wraps, grain bowls, and sandwiches.
The brand’s culture/vibe: The popular salad franchise’s culture is people-centric and focused making it easier for customers to improve their health. Coolgreens locations also have a fresh, modern feel that emphasizes convenience and technology. 
How its mission is fulfilled: To fulfill its mission statement, Coolgreens offers a variety of salads, acai bowls, wraps, sandwiches, grain bowls, and more. These healthy options cater to all lifestyles. 

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, mission statement

Mission Statement:  To create positive memories for all who touch DQ.
The brand’s culture/vibe: The ice cream franchise’s vibe is family-friendly and strives to make everyone feel welcome and valued. Dairy Queen’s culture is driven by its values of collaboration, diversity and inclusion, and empowerment.
How its mission is fulfilled: Dairy Queen innovates its menu and consistently offers new products and seasonal flavors. To give back to the community, the ice cream brand has partnered with children’s hospitals across the country, such as Hurley Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Ellie Mental Health

Ellie Mental Health mission statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is to make getting mental health care the norm. And while we know that going to therapy and being vulnerable with someone you just met can seem scary, we do everything we can to make each session as comfortable and fun as possible. We aim to walk along this journey with you and provide you with a safe place to talk, decompress, and heal.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Ellie Mental Health’s culture is people-centric and welcoming to all who need mental health services. The mental health franchise designs its clinics to feel welcoming like a friend’s house.
How its mission is fulfilled: To destigmatize mental health, the brand takes a modern approach between client and therapist. Ellie also offers fun swag to make it easier to start the conversation around mental health.  

Fish Window Cleaning

Fish Window Cleaning, mission statement

Mission Statement: Fish Window Cleaning will dominate the market and be clearly seen as the best and most respected window cleaning company in the world. We will continue to accomplish this by providing: superior service to our customers, unmatched support and partnership with our franchisees, [and] personal and professional growth to our employees.
The brand’s culture/vibe: FISH’s culture is family-friendly and inclusive of all. The window cleaning franchise is full of happy franchisees who love what they do and have a great work-life balance.
How its mission is fulfilled: In addition to providing commercial and residential window cleaning services, FISH also cleans chandeliers, gutters, mirrors, screen, skylights, and more. Fish gives back to the community and has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Extreme Home Makeover, St. Louis Food Bank, Mission Gate and more. 

Graze Craze

Graze Craze, mission statement

Mission Statement: It is our mission to approach everyone connected to Graze Craze with a servant’s heart. We are committed to a trusting relationship with our customers based on the perfect execution of design, quality ingredients, and customer service, by meeting our customers’ needs before they even know what those needs are. We are dedicated to the quality of our brand both through the customer service experience and the employee journey. At Graze Craze, our approach to the customer and our work life is set at a high standard, so that whether you stand in our lobby or in our kitchen, you know that you matter!
The brand’s culture/vibe: The charcuterie board franchise’s culture is driven by its core values of high-quality ingredients, concierge customer service and seeing everything as a cause of celebration. Locations are modern and welcoming.
How its mission is fulfilled: Graze Craze offers concierge grade customer service at an affordable price. The brand’s “Grazeologists” work with customers to get every detail about the order done correctly. Delivery is also free, and times are taken seriously. 


Jamba, mission statement

Mission Statement: When you wanna feel your best, when you are flavor obsessed there’s only one way to refresh, you just gotta Jamba. For over 25 years we have been bringing the whoa to your whirl’d and the fresh to flavor with our smoothies, bowls, juices and shots. Now you can also taste the impossible with our snacks or stay chill with iced bevvies. Find your nearest Jamba or order ahead, you know you just gotta.
The brand’s culture/vibe: The juice brand’s vibe is fun, with colorful locations and products made by young passionate staff members. Jamba’s culture is driven by values helping people feel good about what they put in their bodies. 
How its mission is fulfilled: Jamba offers a variety of juices, smoothies, bowls and more that make getting healthier options on-the-go easier. Customers of any dietary lifestyle can enjoy its plant-based options and more. 


Kumon, mission statement

Mission Statement: By discovering the potential of each individual and developing his or her ability to the maximum, we aim to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community.
The brand’s culture/vibe: The tutoring franchise’s culture is family-friendly and focused on the individual advancement of every child that comes to the tutoring franchise. To ensure associates achieve their full potential, Kumon fosters a fun and collaborative environment.
How its mission is fulfilled: Kumon focuses mainly on reading and math and employs tutors who won’t move onto another topic until the student comprehends it. Parents are kept up to date on their student’s progress. 

Main Squeeze Juice Co. 

Mission statement

Mission Statement: Main Squeeze’s mission is making healthy easier®, and the company’s nutritionist-designed, superfood-centric menu does exactly that by offering a daily source of plant-based nutrition packed with natural and quick energy. The concept’s proprietary recipes feature dietitian-designed, chef-inspired cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies, along with one, two and three-day juice cleanse programs, wellness shots, and açaì bowls created from organic and wild-harvested açaì berries from the Amazon rainforest in Northeast Brazil. Main Squeeze Juice Company also believes in loving others, animals and the ground beneath us. The company is passionate about offering a 100% Plant Powered menu, protecting the environment through biodegradable and recyclable packaging and seeking to change the lives of those looking for a healthier and more convenient way of fulfilling their nutritional goals.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Main Squeeze’s culture is people centric and sticks to its New Orleans roots. Locations are modern and allow for convenient ordering and pickup. 
How its mission is fulfilled: To achieve its mission, the juice franchise has a menu of options that offers plant-based nutrition. The brand protects the environment through biodegradable and recyclable packaging and helps individuals live healthier lives. 


McDonald’s, mission statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone. 
The brand’s culture/vibe: The Golden Arches is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and culture that values everyone that works at or visits a McDonald’s location. People of all ages can have a fun experience at McDonald’s.
How its mission is fulfilled: To fulfill its mission, McDonald’s offers affordable food at accessible locations during convenient hours. As a fast-food brand for the average on-the-go customer, McDonald’s regularly gives out coupons and discounts on its food. To give back to the community, the fast-food giant started Ronald McDonald Charities to help families with pediatric cancer victims. McDonald’s also values diversity and inclusion and has pledged to offer low-interest loans to increase diversity among its U.S. franchisees.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, mission statement

Mission Statement: We make you smile. 
The brand’s culture/vibe: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt’s culture is all about fun and happiness, leadership, health, community, and more. All are welcome and should leave feeling good. 
How its mission is fulfilled: No matter your dietary lifestyle, there are frozen yogurt options at Menchie’s. The frozen yogurt franchise offers a variety of dairy free, vegan, nonfat and low fat options as well as bowls and cakes.  

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Pride, mission statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is to honor God by positively impacting people and workplaces.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Driven by strong core values, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning’s welcoming culture fosters going the extra mile and a strong work ethic with a servant’s heart. Franchisees benefit from the commercial cleaning franchise’s people-first culture.  
How its mission is fulfilled: Office Pride fulfills this mission by offering a variety of packages (Healthy Clean, Superior Clean, and Premium Clean) to give customers great services that make their businesses cleaner and healthier. Franchise owners service commercial customers to ensure their workplaces are clean and healthy.  

Panera Bread

Panera Bread, mission statement

Mission Statement: One Panera for a Healthier and Happier World.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Panera’s vibe is welcoming and has a culture that values the customer experience. Many customers who work from home head to Panera to do their work while eating a salad or drinking a coffee or tea. 
How its mission is fulfilled: The brand’s menu of healthy options include salads, soups, sandwiches, flatbreads, and more. Panera has strong beliefs in diversity and inclusion, To foster inclusion and has Business Resource Groups including BLACC and the Panera Pride Alliance.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, Mission statement

Mission Statement: To enhance people’s lives by providing a high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, which we call the Judgement Free Zone, where anyone – and we mean anyone – can feel they belong.
The brand’s culture/vibe: At Planet Fitness, people of sizes and backgrounds are encouraged to come to the gym and not feel judged if they’re not where they want to be in terms of their health. The fitness franchisor’s gyms have walls that are covered with text letting members know that they belong and are included. 
How its mission is fulfilled: To encourage more people to come, the fitness franchisor has affordable membership fees. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously by having an alarm that goes off if anyone drops a large weight onto the ground while dressed like a “lunk,” or typical gym member.


PrideStaff, Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most. 
The brand’s culture/vibe: PrideStaff puts people first and values respect, integrity, trust, pride, and reliability. Collaboration is also very important. 
How its mission is fulfilled: The staffing franchise tailors its services and performance metrics around the client’s company and objectives. PrideStaff has helped fill roles in information technology, insurance, legal, management manufacturing and more. 

Special Strong

Special Strong, mission statement

Mission Statement: To unlock the strength and confidence within the mind, body, and spirit of every individual impacted by mental, physical, and cognitive challenges in order to live a more independent and abundant life.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Special Strong has strong faith-based values that drive its culture. These values include generosity, no judgment, transparency, and stewardship. 
How its mission is fulfilled: Special Strong welcomes all individuals with special needs to come and train in order to improve their overall health. By doing this, these individuals feel like an important part of the community and are more independent. 


Starbucks, mission statement

Mission Statement: To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.
The brand’s culture/vibe: Starbucks is famous for its culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion and progressive values. Its locations are commonly filled with professionals on their phones or laptops looking to get some work done while sipping on a coffee or latte. 
How its mission is fulfilled: Starbucks cares about its impact on the environment and has coffee that is verified 99% ethically sourced. The coffee giant hires individuals of all races, sexes, religions, abilities, and sexual orientation.

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