ARCpoint Labs Franchise Provides Confidential Diagnostic Testing Directly to Consumers

ARCpoint Labs franchise

Services Include Drug Testing, Alcohol Screening, Corporate Wellness Programs, Employment Screening and More

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When it comes to health and safety, it’s essential to be in control. With that in mind, ARCpoint Labs created systems enabling consumers and employers to make informed decisions about wellness. “We provide easy access to diagnostics so people can lead a healthier life,” says John Constantine, CEO of the ARCpoint Labs franchise.

ARCpoint Labs is a full-service third-party provider and administrator of confidential diagnostic testing. It offers much more than just basic lab services. Founded in 1998 and franchising since 2006, ARCpoint has a vast customer base. Franchise owners can work with B2B clients, municipalities, physicians and directly with consumers.

ARCPoint Labs Franchise
ARCpoint Labs CEO, John Constantine

On the consumer side, ARCpoint offers more than 10,000 clinical and diagnostic tests for anything imaginable: from DNA and Covid testing to wellness panels that can determine the cause of ongoing symptoms such as fatigue or infertility. “We empower people to take healthcare into their own hands,” Constantine says.

Since we pay our providers directly, they give us the lab tests dirt cheap. We pass that savings on to the consumer.

Consumer-Friendly Diagnostic Testing

And ARCpoint makes it easy. Clients can log onto ARCpoint’s portal and order a thyroid test, for example — no prescription necessary. “There’s no need to make a doctor’s appointment first,” Constantine says. He points out that ARCpoint’s services don’t eliminate the need for a doctor, but they give patients more control. “Patients can take the test results over to a doctor and work in partnership to get on a path to recovery.”

While ARCpoint doesn’t accept health insurance, its tests are designed to be a cost-effective solution for people with high-deductible health plans — a structure that has become more common these days. ARCpoint is able to control costs because it bypasses insurance companies. “Since we pay our providers directly, they give us the lab tests dirt cheap. We pass that savings on to the consumer.”

Lab Testing Services for Employers

ARCpoint offers comprehensive services for most types of employers, from CPA and law firms to warehouses and trucking companies. The services provide help and solve problems. For example, there’s drug and alcohol testing and assistance programs for employees who become dependent on substances. Other programs help supervisors recognize signs and symptoms of substance abuse. “If an employee finds themselves in a situation where they are addicted to or dependent on a substance, we provide a lot of assistance to help them,” says Constantine.

ARCpoint labs franchise
ARCpoint offers comprehensive services for most employers, from CPA and law firms to warehouses and trucking companies.

ARCpoint’s programs are designed to help employers provide a safe working environment and support employees on the road to recovery. “Good people get themselves into stuck positions. We help employers make a real difference,” he says.

About ARCpoint Labs

ARCpoint labs franchise

ARCpoint Labs offers a diverse full-service portfolio of tests and services to business and consumer markets. Services include:

  • Drug testing
  • Alcohol testing
  • DNA testing
  • Wellness testing
  • Lab testing
  • Background testing

The franchise opportunity is ideal for middle- to upper-management professionals who are experienced in business-to–business sales, consulting or business ownership. There is a vast customer base and several ways for franchise owners to make money.

Below are ARCpoint’s main revenue areas along with its customers and services.

  • Small-to-medium size employers: ARCpoint Labs provides solutions for business customers in need of drug and alcohol testing, background screens, drug-free policy implementation, and assistance with program compliance.
  • Direct-to-consumer testing: Franchise owners receive an e-commerce site to drive walk-in consumer traffic. In addition, ARCpoint has partnered with Quest Diagnostics, a U.S. clinical laboratory that refers customers directly to ARCpoint locations.
  • Legal and judicial testing: ARCpoint Labs serves court, social services and immigration system needs as well as family practice, divorce and criminal attorneys.
  • Medical practices: ARCpoint owners can market their services directly to small medical practices that do not offer in-house testing/phlebotomy services.

Lab Testing Services Industry

With numerous lab testing services, ARCpoint Labs takes advantage of a growing, billion-dollar industry. According to IBISWorld, the market size of the 2023 U.S. laboratory testing services industry is worth $29.4 billion.

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