Diversity and Opportunity Attracted Franchisee Brent Smith to TITLE Boxing Club

Brent Smith, TITLE Boxing Club

The Boxing Franchise Allows Smith to Empower Others and Build Community at his Shreveport Location

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As a business owner, TITLE Boxing Club franchisee Brent Smith values a diverse work environment. “I understand that with diversity, comes great ideas from different backgrounds,” he says. As he recruits and hires staff, he makes it known up front that diversity in his team is very important because his membership base is very diverse. “We have members of all genders, races, and ages and we work to mirror that in our team.”

To Smith, promoting diversity in franchising brings many benefits such as increased innovation, a wider target market, and a larger customer base. “It also helps create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for both franchisees and customers,” he says. Smith believes that the franchise community overall is becoming more diverse over time. “Currently, there is some diversity and inclusion but there is more work to do. As all ethnicities and genders continue to overcome barriers to entry, learn more about franchising, understand financing, and have access to funding, I believe diversity in the franchise community will increase.”

TITLE Boxing Club Team

Corporate Support

Smith opened his Shreveport, La. TITLE Boxing location in May 2022 and says it’s been great every step of the way. “The corporate team has far exceeded my expectations on the amount of support and resources they provide,” he says. “When I say support, I mean the actual person-to-person support. I have weekly meetings and can call my corporate support team at any time, and they are always responsive and ready to help.”

But there have been challenges, too, including learning and mastering all of the moving parts of the fitness industry. “The fitness industry is a tough industry with a lot of competition. There are a lot of important decisions to make on a daily basis in regard to marketing, generating new leads, staffing, budgeting, and operations,” he says.

A Sense of Community

TITLE Boxing Club Team

Smith is happy that he went with TITLE Boxing Club and especially loves being able to bring people together and help them change their lives for the better. “Our members have become friends and family. Some have had such great body transformations and feel so much more confident and empowered. It makes it all worth it,” he says. “I am happy that I chose the right franchise system for me.”

The Rise of Boutique Fitness

TITLE Boxing Club is part of the growing boutique fitness industry. According to the BFS Fall 2022 Studio Owner Report, 3% of boutique fitness studios offer boxing as their core modality. Group classes are the most popular service offered, and franchisees benefit from a membership-based model.

For more information about the TITLE Boxing Club franchise, visit https://titleboxingclub.com/franchise/.

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