Title Boxing Club Launches Aggressive Three-Year Growth Plan

Title Boxing Franchise

Boutique Fitness Franchise Plans to Add 160-Plus Boxing and Kickboxing Studios 

TITLE Boxing Club franchise is on the grow. BoxUnion, which acquired TITLE Boxing Club in January 2021, has laid the foundation for the boxing and kickboxing franchise’s aggressive but careful expansion. TITLE Boxing Club, which is made up of boutique fitness clubs with in-studio and online classes, aims to grow to more than 300 franchises in the U.S. by 2025. That level of growth would result in more than doubling its current franchise total.

To lay the foundation for this growth, BoxUnion invested heavily throughout 2021 to improve infrastructure and refine operations as a way of bolstering unit economics for TITLE Boxing Club franchisees. The leadership team has rolled out initiatives to enhance franchise profitability and club members’ satisfaction with their experience. The improvements focused on effective use of technology, innovation and creativity, marketing, and training and support. Franchise partners have already adopted these initiatives. 

TITLE Boxing Executives Visit Franchises

To keep their fingers on the pulse of TITLE Boxing Club franchise operations, Todd Wadler, CEO of TITLE Boxing Club and co-founder of BoxUnion, and Felicia Alexander, chief revenue officer of TITLE Boxing Club and co-founder of BoxUnion, have gone on the road with a fact-finding mission. Wadler and Alexander have visited 92% of TITLE Boxing Clubs nationwide to mine feedback from franchise partners, trainers, managers and club members. That input will be utilized to set program priorities for existing TITLE Boxing Club franchises and for the new ones that will be added around the country.

“We are operators at heart,” Wadler says. “Because we’ve run our own fitness boxing businesses, we went into this acquisition wanting to take an operations-first approach that focuses on creating a great system that leads to excellent results. We started with education and with building strong relationships and trust with our franchise partners. We built that trust by putting great plans into motion and then delivering exceptional results.” 

Achievements Since Acquisition

Title Boxing Franchise

He highlights several achievements that have occurred during the first year or so after the acquisition. In the technology arena, TITLE Boxing Club franchise has benefited from a rollout of new platforms to provide data and analytics as well as more efficient, yet simplified, technology that has led to increased profitability. The franchise’s revamped digital platform provides new capabilities that include bundled memberships, monthly playbooks to promote member and employee retention, and a highly upgraded email marketing platform. 

Other changes implemented by BoxUnion are an improved class structure with frequently updated training materials that motivate instructors to hone their skills and ease the introduction of workout enhancements. And there have been crucial new hires, most notably experienced district field operators and a vice president of field marketing to aid the support and training given to TITLE Boxing Club franchisees. In addition, a new TITLE University amplifies online learning and development resources.

TITLE Boxing’s Growth Strategy 

Wadler says BoxUnion has planned TITLE Boxing Club’s growth with an eye to long-term, big-picture success. “We don’t want to grow just for the sake of growing,” he says. Our plan has started “with adding the right franchise partners who are fully aligned with our mission and vision. Then we provide these franchise partners with everything they need to succeed.”

It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from franchise partners who are sharing the success that these enhancements have brought to their clubs.

Felicia Alexander, chief revenue officer of TITLE Boxing Club and co-founder of BoxUnion

Alexander says that franchise partners are giving excellent reviews of the changes. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from franchise partners who are sharing the success that these enhancements have brought to their clubs.” She also pledges that “we will continue to make hires and investments so the franchise grows the right way.”

Kickboxing By the Numbers

TITLE Boxing Club currently holds boxing and kickboxing classes in 140-plus studios in the U.S. and has more than 30,000 members. The brand also allows consumers to work out anytime, anywhere through the digital subscription service TITLE Boxing Club On Demand. In January 2022, Verywell Fit named TITLE Boxing Club On Demand as the Best Overall online kickboxing class. 

To open a TITLE Boxing Club franchise, an entrepreneur will need a minimum of $100,000 liquidity and a minimum net worth of $400,000. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of about $172,000 to $515,000. TITLE Boxing Club’s franchise fee is $49,500, with a 10% discount on the franchise fee for qualifying military veterans. Visit the TITLE Boxing Club website for more information. For more information about BoxUnion, visit boxunion.com.

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