Franchising and the American Dream

Franchising and the American Drea,

Financial Independence is a More Attainable Through Franchising

The right to pursue prosperity and success, or financial independence, is an American ideal. People from all over the world have immigrated to the United States for a chance at the American Dream. This country has been called the land of opportunity, where financial independence is possible through hard work and determination. Of course, it doesn’t always work out.

After going through a pandemic, we all know that people can lose jobs no matter how hard they work, and businesses can go under even with a great product or service. Millions of U.S. workers lost jobs due to the pandemic, and the uncertainty changed how we look at things. Whether we call it the Great Resignation or the Great Re-Evaluation, one thing is clear: people want more control over their lives and are seeking new ways to find it. Franchising has become the answer for many.

A Safer Path to the American Dream

Even though the franchise industry was impacted by the pandemic, its recovery has been strong and the industry has grown. The International Franchise Association’s 2022 Franchising Economic Outlook shows that franchising has been leading the economic recovery in the United States. Franchising offers a safer path to the American Dream.

With a proven system in place plus training and support, franchising makes financial independence more attainable for anyone willing to work hard and follow a franchisor’s system. Franchising gives people a fresh start no matter their age, education or work experience. It has been a vehicle for financial independence for countless lives. Finding the right franchise and doing the necessary due diligence are the keys to success for aspiring franchise business owners.

A Passion for Franchising

One of the greatest rewards for franchisors is helping people realize financial independence. Most people who work in franchising are passionate because their work makes a real difference. They play a part in changing lives for the better.

Below, industry pros from REP’M Group weigh in on franchising and the American Dream. They all agree that franchising can be life-changing. As professionals who work with aspiring and new franchise owners, they have seen it firsthand. Here’s what they have to say about helping people reach financial independence through franchising. 

Tim Church — Franchise Development Director, REP’M Group

Franchising and American Dream Tim Church

“The financial freedom that comes from franchise ownership has afforded my family and many others the opportunity to do good in our community and do very well financially. Corporate environments have not delivered in this area.”   

Nick Sheehan — Co-Founder & Managing Partner, REP’M Group 

Franchising and the American Dream Nick Sheehan

“Getting people into a franchise for me is nine times out of 10 about helping them leave a job they may not necessarily like and start to achieve their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals. It’s also about helping them achieve flexibility in their schedule, allowing for more family time and more time to enjoy life and the power of independence that franchising can offer.”

Rachel Stender — Vice President of Franchise Sales & Development, REP’M Group 

Franchising and the American Dream, Rachel Stender

“What an exhilarating experience to place candidates in a brand and see their life change through business ownership! It is a proud-parent moment when franchisees are living the ideal lifestyle they have worked hard for and achieve new milestones at every stage. Financial independence isn’t just about the money — it is being able to do what is important, whether it is time with family, traveling, community involvement, hobbies, and so much more!”  

Storm Miller — Director of Franchise Development, REP’M Group

“The last two years have taught us all that life is unpredictable and it has never been more important for people to control what they can in their lives. That is what franchise ownership represents for so many: the ability to choose how you build wealth, to exercise autonomy over your day-to-day and your time, and create the ideal work-life balance in a business for which you have passion. It’s a pleasure helping others realize that potential and begin living that reality.”          


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