Eco-Friendly Zoomin Groomin Was an Ideal Second Career for this Former Military Analyst

Zoomin Groomin Offers Franchisee Korin Long Professional and Personal Rewards

The Mobile Grooming Business Leverages the Billion-Dollar Pet Care Industry

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Korin Long was seeking a different career path after working for 13 years as a military intelligence analyst. She thought nursing might suit her, but her mindset changed while attending nursing school. A friend mentioned having an interest in Zoomin Groomin, a mobile grooming franchise catering to dogs and cats, and that idea resonated with Long. “I had been looking around for potential investments and this one seemed like a great choice,” she says.

Long explains that Zoomin Groomin was attractive because its initial investment and overhead were relatively low. Long launched her Norfolk, Va.-based Zoomin Groomin business in May 2022 with one mobile pet spa, or self-contained grooming van, and added a second one in February 2023. Her team includes six employees, and she plans to continue scaling the business. “The opportunity is limitless, and we plan to take full advantage of it,” she says.

Growing Pet Industry

Today, more than two-thirds of American households include a pet, according to Forbes Advisor, which reports that Americans spent $136.8 billion on their non-human family members in 2022, up 10.68% from the previous year. Morgan Stanley Research predicts an 8% compound annual growth rate in the pet industry by 2030, and services including grooming are expected to lead that growth, with spending predicted to increase 143% to $118 billion during this period. While Americans may cut corners elsewhere in their budgets, spending on their pets appears nonnegotiable, according to Morgan Stanley. Zoomin Groomin appeals to those who want only the best for their fur babies by offering a stress-free, cageless experience and one-on-one attention.

In-Demand Business

Other consumer trends that align with Zoomin Groomin’s business model include an increasing demand for convenience in all aspects of life, as well as eco-friendly practices, research shows. What could be more convenient than a mobile pet spa that comes to your door? And Zoomin Groomin’s system requires less water than most other commercial groomers — plus it uses products containing all-natural ingredients that are safe for pets and the environment.

There is a space for women in business leadership roles, so put yourself out there.

Zoomin Groomin franchise
Zoomin Groomin franchisee Korin Long was attracted to the mobile pet grooming franchise for its low initial investment.

Investing in a booming industry suited Long’s desire to grow her business. Other advantages offered by Zoomin Groomin include the backing by established parent company Loyalty Brands, with comprehensive training along with branding and marketing support. Having a flexible schedule with a home-based business was also a plus for Long, a married mother of four.

Unlike her previous work in the military, Zoomin Groomin has enabled her to be out in the community, building relationships while providing a valuable service. “I love talking to the customers and getting to know the community we’re part of. I feel a genuine connection with my community. People send me pictures of their pets and share these important aspects of their lives, and I love it!” she says.

Female Leadership

Being a business owner, creating jobs for people who love pets, has also been rewarding. “I really love creating a positive work environment for my employees,” she says. Although some other business sectors remain male-dominated, that’s not the case with the pet industry, Long says.

In fact, Zoomin Groomin’s CEO, founder and the majority of the corporate leadership team are women. “I don’t feel like I’ve had any specific challenges in this industry because of my gender. I have always felt respected and heard in this organization.” Her advice to other women: “There is a space for women in business leadership roles, so put yourself out there.”

The only challenge Long says she experienced was the result of the positive relationships she’s built. “Customers call me for all things related to animals! My biggest challenge has been becoming an expert in a field in which I had no background. I had to take a crash course in the industry, but once again, Zoomin Groomin was there to help.”

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