ISI® Elite Training’s First Franchisees Drive Growth

Husband-and-Wife team Joseph and Brooklyn Hodge Leverage Their Backgrounds to Elevate the Fitness Franchise

Husband-and-wife team Joseph and Brooklyn Hodge have emerged as the pioneering spirits of ISI® Elite Training Franchise, setting the stage with their initial launch of the Grovetown, Ga., location back in 2019, and further expanding into Evans, Ga., by 2023.

They are now leading a dedicated team of 24 and over 600 members to new heights of growth while utilizing their different backgrounds — Joseph’s military and project management expertise, and Brooklyn’s teaching experience. It’s the unique character and inclusive culture of ISI® Elite Training that perfectly aligns with their values. “ISI, standing for Iron Sharpens Iron, attracted us with its family-oriented approach to functional fitness, offering a welcoming space for everyone, at any fitness level, to evolve into their best selves,” Brooklyn says.

ISI® Elite Training franchisees Joseph and Brooklyn Hodge
ISI® Elite Training franchisees Joseph and Brooklyn Hodge

Their leap of faith was guided by the solid framework that ISI® offers, which allows them to concentrate on their business and community instead of creating operational and marketing strategies. The sense of belonging and mutual support within the franchise further cemented their decision.

Although business comes with inherent challenges such as selecting the right location and construction team, the incredible transformations they witness in their clients make every moment of being an entrepreneur worthwhile. The Hodge family aspires to expand its business within the growing ISI® franchise, as the Hodges were at the forefront of its growth trajectory and continue to be advocates of the brand.

Getting Involved

The Hodges are also heavily involved in the brand growth as Joseph sits as the president of the Franchise Advisory Council and Brooklyn is on The Elite Coaching Team, all while being named Multi-Unit Partner of the year in 2023. “Being the inaugural franchisees has allowed us to witness and contribute to ISI®’s evolution. It’s a remarkable time to be part of such a fast-expanding franchise,” Joseph reflects. Since its franchising inception in 2019, ISI® Elite Training has marked its presence across 15 states with over 125 units awarded, illustrating a bright future for potential franchisees ready to join the ISI® family.

ISI® Elite Training franchisees Joseph and Brooklyn Hodge
As ISI® Elite Training’s first franchisees, Joseph and Brooklyn Hodge have built a team of 24 employees and have more than 600 members since opening their first location in 2019.

The ISI® Difference

ISI® Elite Training sets a high bar for customer satisfaction. For example:

  • ISI® Elite Training is a huge believer in coaching and community, which has ultimately led to a 95% retention rate nationwide.
  • ISI® franchises are one-stop-shops for fitness, with 95% of members choosing the unlimited membership.
  • Thanks to ISI®’s focus on strength training and strategic branding, it boasts a unique 60% female to 40% male membership ratio. This stands out against the typical boutique brands where 80% female and 20% male ratios are more common.
  • ISI® Elite Training is among the few boutique fitness facilities providing a children’s room, offering convenience for parents and entertainment for kids.
  • ISI® Elite Training has seen tremendous growth. It has awarded over 125 new territories and was recognized in the top 10% of the Inc. 5000, which ranks the fastest-growing private companies in America.

The Boutique Fitness Market

ISI® Elite Training is part of the growing boutique fitness market. According to Research and Markets, the global boutique gym studios market was worth $34.35 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $54.81 billion by 2029. 

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