Creating a Masterpiece – Innovation Brings a Competitive Edge

Two ambitious businessmen met in 2012 and formed a partnership, which now boasts a 500 percent increase in its growth in a 24-month period, catering to a diverse and competitive pizza industry. By the end of the year the growth will increase by 100 percent.

Samit Varma approached Ron Biskin through a mutual friend on a business concept. “I was sceptical about the market need for another pizza establishment. However, with due diligence in our market research and business development, we are offering a special and unique restaurant concept,” says Ron Biskin, Co-founder of Pizza Studio.

They are not looking back but running forward. They launched their first store in January 2013 across from the University of Southern California and today, they have six stores operating in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Minneapolis. There are six additional stores opening in Kansas City, San Francisco, New York City and Alaska, with a total of 30 new stores to be opened by the end of the year. “We developed our business concept from day one as a franchise,” says Samit Varma, Cofounder of Pizza Studio.

Success comes to mind but rather, it is a business which is revolutionizing franchise development in the marketplace. They are building the foundation of their business at rapid speed. “We have the franchisee infrastructure in the areas of operations, legal protection, marketing and training. We have done our homework,” adds Varma.

“We are looking for multi-unit operators who have experience in growing the brand,” says Biskin. He adds, “Previous experience in the restaurant setting would be an asset.”

Pizza Studio provides pizza fast with a friendly and casual dining atmosphere in which customers can build their own thin crust pizza. The crust is a unique blend with bountiful flavor – cooked to perfection – quickly. Customers can choose their own crust through an assembly line with an array of sauces, vegetables and meat toppings. The most popular pizzas are the $7.99 unlimited toppings 11inch thin crust and $7.99 pre-set pizza. Pizza masterpieces can have Italian herbs or brushed garlic as a finishing touch and if customers are feeling adventurous they could add arugula, basil, balsamic glaze or tangy BBQ.

“We have learned to give customers what they want – when they want it – and fast. We specialize in one product and avoid extraneous items. We do one thing and do it well. We have the highest sales per square foot across the market,” says Varma. “We believe the pizza market is large with $45 billion in annual sales and in order to capture the market share we need to develop quickly and utilize the local real estate knowledge,” says Varma. Business growth is moving at rapid speed, which means franchise opportunities to capture new markets across the USA is there for the taking – with the experience, network and resources at a franchisees’ disposal.

“The cornerstones of their success are: saleability, simplicity, quality and consistency,” adds Biskin. It’s a road map, giving direction on the business model,floor layout, furniture design, superior product development, commitment to service, training and development, and above all, the proven success of an operation with easy execution.

Pizza Studio’s commitment to participate, share and support the community in which they do business is a great marketing best practice. It can only help elevate brand recognition and reputation in the market, which is good news for interested franchisees wanting to join a fast pace revolutionary team of business professionals.

“Success is based on resolving any inconsistencies in our business operations and launch the plan well,” adds Varma.

Customers can create their own thin crust pizza with an unlimited selection of toppings to tantalize one’s palate or embrace their creativity – be it on a pizza shell, or on one of Pizza Studio’s walls of fame. Local growers are used to supply fresh vegetable toppings when possible. Their hospitality is warm. The staff are friendly and helpful. They embrace diversity and support military veterans as part of their recruitment and retention.

They invest in their communities. They use 100 percent recycled products if possible in their daily operations. They are committed to feeding hungry families in their areas or communities by donating unused products in their store operations to local food banks. That’s not all. For every $20 spent by a customer Pizza Studio will donate a meal to ‘Feeding America’, which feeds America’s hungry and fights to end hunger.

They have the four cornerstones to build a success business, however they also have the elements of responsibility and compassion in their business operations. Helping those in need, or supporting local artists is noteworthy, which can only help build brand, reputation and image in the marketplace. They even have a pizza menu for starving artists; however their support of creativity doesn’t end there.

They have an Art Studio wall designated in each of their stores to promote local artist free of charge. “It helps support local art and promotes artists’ creativity in the community. In one store $4,000 of art was sold. It is our way to give back to the community,” says Varma.

Their competition offers a different restaurant experience. “Our pizza is not pre-made and left under heat lamps. We offer a superior pizza – fresh in six minutes,” says Varma. Time and quality of their pizza gives them the competitive edge. Pizza Studio is about healthy alternatives, creation and supporting a business which is entrenched in responsibility to serve and support the community in which it does business. “Research and development has allowed us to have an oven operation which ensures food preparation is two – three minutes on a thin crust and bakes in six minutes,” adds Biskin.

“We enjoy some of the highest customer review scores out there for our pizza,” says Varma, “and that is a point of significant pride for us.”

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