Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria

Great People, Great Quality, Great Price

Pizza was first made in Naples, Italy when locals began adding tomato ‘Marinara’ sauce to their flatbread.

Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria is bringing freshly prepared wood fired pizzas to the hungry masses of Dallas Fort Worth with two locations recently having opened in the market. Firecrust’s Neapolitan-style pizza is modeled after the legendary pizzerias in Naples, where each pizza is hand crafted and made-to-order.

Similar to other restaurants, customers can pick and choose from about 30 chef-prepared toppings and watch their customized pies be assembled. Each pizza takes about 90 seconds to bake using imported wood-burning ovens. Other options on the menu include four salads and two dessert pizzas. Firecrust will be doing localized expansion in Texas markets.

Firecrust prides itself on honoring the heritage of this amazing product while also being true to the energetic and casual street food experience. Scott Bender is passionate about Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria. If you are interested in becoming a Franchisee, check out the website.

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