XPASS Empowers the Boutique Fitness Customer With Choice

Clients Can Audition 10 Boutique Brands and Pick Their Favorites

There’s a new fitness program in town and it’s not just one modality; it is on ten.  Xponential Fitness’ XPASS platform allows customers to select their workout modality and location from among the Company’s wide-ranging boutique fitness brands, keeping workout choices at their fingertips, says President of XPASS, Dan Ali.

“It was an innovative way to attract a cross-modality customer who isn’t necessarily ready to focus on one modality right away. At the end of the day, it’s become an excellent gateway for customers to find the modality or modalities that they love and snack amongst the 10 modalities offered by Xponential Fitness.”

XPASS Advantages

Ali praises XPASS’s exceptional programming quality, cutting-edge technology and transparency for both the consumer and the franchise studio owner. 

“The modern consumer values quality over quantity and our studios provide high-quality workouts with world-class instruction and an amazing community. You’re getting a 1:1 experience in a group setting at a fraction of the price of personal training.”

XPASS offers classes based on a point system. There are different subscription levels based on the individual consumer’s needs.

Ali is excited to introduce the new XPASS app in late March, which features significant technology improvements. “We believe the fitness booking space is prime for innovation,” Ali says. With the app, customers can easily find and schedule a session at any of Xponential’s 10 brands which include AKT, Body Fit Training, Club Pilates, CycleBar, Pure Barre, Row House, Rumble, StretchLab, STRIDE Fitness, and YogaSix.     

In addition to easily booking classes, there’s also transparency of class pricing. Ali notes that “     Through XPASS, studios select the pricing per visit based on class timing, availability and other factors. Classes at peak times before or after work or on weekends, for example, would cost more than a mid-week, daytime class.”

XPASS Clients

XPASS Rewards
XPASS members earn rewards based on activities.

Ali believes that XPASS broadens the offering for those who previously were not necessarily ready to join a single boutique fitness studio but are open to trying out multiple fitness modalities. “An XPASS customer could be looking to find his or her new community by trying out multiple options, be an avid gym-goer looking to mix up weekly workouts with a boxing workout on Monday and a total-body running workout on Wednesday; or someone who wants to embark on a brand new fitness journey with no prior experience. We have offerings for all of these needs and best of all they’re led by expert instructors.”

While customers have flexibility in class choice, franchisees love that “XPASS allows them to add members and build their customer base at no additional marketing costs. It’s really a win-win for all.”            

XPASS Basics and More 

Speaking of pricing, XPASS offers its members classes based on a point system. There are different subscription levels based on the individual consumer’s needs. The most popular is the Gold $99 per month offering, which provides 50 points, and roughly 5 classes monthly. There’s also the best value option, Diamond at $199 per month or 120 points, covering around 12 classes per month. On top of the in-studio classes, XPASS subscriptions also offer access to XPLUS, the best in boutique fitness classes on demand anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

Strength of Xponential’s Support 

Ali is excited about existing and future franchisees leveraging XPASS for their studios’ growth. Lance Freeman, president of franchise development, shared that XPASS is part of Xponential’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional support to franchisees. He attributes Xponential’s leadership team to cultivating the franchisor’s success thus far. “Our leadership team has decades of experience in fitness and wellness franchising that allow us to remain the largest boutique fitness franchisor globally,” Freeman says. “We have the network, resources, platform and playbook in place to ensure expert support every step of the way for our owners. The exceptional level of support we provide our franchise owners is one of the most referenced reasons people choose our franchise opportunities, and we’re excited that XPASS expands on this.”

Xponential Fitness franchisees come from diverse backgrounds. Freeman says they come from corporate America, health care, higher education, fitness, advertising and sales. He adds that “our semi-absentee ownership model allows people with all different career backgrounds to succeed, whether they aspire to own one studio, 10, or studios across multiple brands. We look for energetic individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, a passion for fitness and wellness, the ability to lead teams, and a motivation to follow our proven systems.”

For more information about XPASS, please visit: www.xpass.fit.

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