Women (and Men) Are Ready to Throw Down with Rumble

Women (and men) are ready to rumble

Boxing-Focused Franchise Shines for Prime Workouts, Great Investment Opportunity

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Rachelle Dejean, Chief Marketing Officer of the expanding Rumble Boxing franchise, says (surprise!) women make up 73% of the brand’s membership. “Boxing benefits encompass the once male-associated training styles of HIIT [high-intensity interval training], conditioning, strength and more,” she says. “At Rumble, we deliver a no-frills, results-driven fitness program that is accessible and less intimidating for women – not to mention it’s like a party!” Another Rumble attribute: Zero experience is necessary.

Rumble combines boxing-inspired circuits with resistance training in innovative ways that keep clients engaged and coming back for more, Dejean says. The big attraction? “Boxing makes you feel good! You don’t even need any equipment to be able to shadowbox and run different combinations of the six punches. Building speed, strength and power with your punches not only challenges you cardio-wise but can help you build confidence and boost your mood after just a few punches.”

It’s a great way to unwind, too, she says. “Boxing with equipment after a grueling day, there’s a huge cathartic release each time you hit a water bag at Rumble. As punch combinations get more intricate and advanced, it demands you to stay resilient and practice a mental toughness that can seamlessly translate into your daily life.”

Rumble Chief marketing officer Rachelle Dejean
Chief Marketing Officer Rachelle Dejean

Dejean Has Been There

Dejean speaks from firsthand experience. “In college, I was a two-sport Division I athlete. Training for volleyball and track meant that I spent a lot of time in the weight room doing resistance training and working through strength and conditioning programs for agility, speed and performance. The way we train at Rumble – combining boxing moves with the power of resistance training – channels the way I personally love to train (lifting) – but adds in a new layer of conditioning and cardio: boxing! Each Rumble Boxing class is uniquely programmed to offer cardio-boosting and strength benefits, which really resonates with me.”

She’s not a bit surprised that Rumble’s workouts are so attractive to women. “It’s no secret that gender bias exists in sports about what men can do versus what females can do. But it’s changing, Dejean points out. “Top female athletes including Olympians have started to enjoy more fame and deserved equality in sports, especially ones known to be dominated by men. And seeing women we look up to and admire as strong, successful and confident empowers other women to bring out our fellow champion inside.”

Rumble helps people build an inclusive fitness community.

Rumble Nurtures Community Support

She adds that “both men and women are looking for ways to find community and connection after years of on-demand, virtual workouts to maintain their physical and mental health routines. Rumble helps people build an inclusive fitness community.”

That community develops as members encourage one another during Rumble’s full- body workouts. “By itself, boxing boosts cardio and strength from head to toe since it recruits your core and the foundation of all your punches,” Dejean says. “Plus, you can practice mindfulness, gain confidence, and increase your balance and coordination. At Rumble, you can combine this with a curated strength regimen for the ultimate workout.”

Beyond Boxing…

She emphasizes that Rumble classes go beyond boxing, however. “Each workout is split evenly between boxing combos and circuits on the bag side, and strength moves and resistance training on the floor side. Next, our state-of-the-art equipment is found only at Rumble: Aqua-filled punching bags that are easy on your joints and fun to hit; the strength-training stations have various dumbbell weights and brass knuckles to level up your training. 

rumble franchise

“Our signature Rumble class is 10 rounds and two styles of training. If you show up ready to max out, your trainer will show you the rundown at the start of class, and the class program is on display throughout the whole workout.”

Rumble’s Client Demographic

So, who joins Rumble? “While our core Rumbler is a 35-year-old millennial, we see a variety of people take classes because we truly welcome all ages and fitness levels to rumble at their own pace,” Dejean answers. This means that Rumble’s client base is practically unlimited because a background in boxing or strength training isn’t needed to take part.

And that’s a huge plus for future franchisees. “With 65-plus locations open globally and more than 375 licenses sold, the Rumble boxing franchise is an attractive investment opportunity that leverages a semi absentee, recurring-revenue model,” Dejean says. “Boxing and strength training are universally understood and celebrated modalities that allow Rumble’s incredible brand-driven experience to tap into a large addressable market, and it already has a massive following.”

Xponential Fitness has the resources, playbook and network to ensure continued growth and support for Rumble’s franchise owners.

Rumble Franchise’s Future

Rumble franchise

Rumble is expanding around the United States and welcomes new investors to the franchise, which is part of Xponential Fitness’ portfolio. Being part of the Xponential Fitness family benefits franchisees because the corporate team has decades of fitness and franchising experience. “Xponential Fitness has the resources, playbook and network to ensure continued growth and support for Rumble’s franchise owners,” Dejean notes. (Xponential Fitness’s other brands are AKT, dance-based fitness; BFT, body fit training; Club Pilates; CycleBar; Pure Barre; Row House; StretchLab; STRIDE Fitness, interval, endurance and strength training; and YogaSix.)

“I love that Rumble can help people find their fitness footing as we continue to open in new markets and across the country,” Dejean says. Ideal franchisees are ambassadors for fitness and for the 6-year-old Rumble brand. For more information about franchise opportunities with Rumble, please visit www.rumbleboxinggym.com/franchise.

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