Rumble Joins Xponential Fitness’ Portfolio of Boutique Fitness Franchises

Rumble, Ash Wilking

Anthony Geisler and Shaun Grove Return to Their Boxing Roots with Rumble

Anthony Geisler and Shaun Grove go way back and so does their passion for boxing. Geisler founded and franchised LA Boxing back in 2002, and Grove was his General Counsel. He also happened to be the brand’s best franchisee. Eventually, LA Boxing was acquired by UFC Gym and the men began a new fitness journey starting with Club Pilates and evolving over time into Xponential Fitness.

Anthony Geisler and Shaun Grove
Anthony Geisler (left) and Shaun Grove (right)

Since 2017, Xponential Fitness has been the umbrella for Club Pilates as well as a number of other boutique fitness brands, including Row House, StretchLab, and CycleBar. Surprisingly, by the time Xponential grew to eight different fitness concepts in 2018, boxing wasn’t on the list. But that has just changed with the acquisition of Rumble.  

“Boxing was an obvious miss in our portfolio,” says Geisler. In their search for a boxing brand, Rumble became the clear choice. “It was simply the best brand in the space,” he says. There was another clear choice when it came to who should lead the brand as President, and that was Grove. “There couldn’t be a better, more qualified person to be Rumble’s President than Shaun,” Geisler says. 

Rumble is for everybody, not just the rich and famous.

Anthony Geisler

The niche boxing concept stood out for many reasons including lots and lots of star power. Celebrity investors include Sylvester Stallone and Justin Beiber. Katie Holmes and Selena Gomez are among Rumble’s famous members who come for the high-energy, HIIT-style classes.

A Niche Fitness Franchise with Wide Appeal

While Rumble’s celebrity status is impressive, Geisler is quick to point out that Rumble is a solid brand with wide appeal. “Rumble is for everybody, not just the rich and famous,” he says. 

In order to operate more efficiently and better support franchisees, all Xponential brands have the same model and Rumble fits right into the mold. “With our formula, we can offer a better ROI and still keep the essence of the brand,” Geisler says. 

Geisler believes that Rumble will be Xponential’s hottest brand to date, and not just because it’s sexy. “The unit economics will be incredibly strong,” Geisler says. “Interested parties should secure territories while they still can.” 

As a group fitness instructor, Rumble co-founder Noah Neiman (above) gained a cult-like following and became a New York City household name. His success prompted him to launch Rumble in 2017 with several partners, including celebrity investors Sylvester Stallone and Justin Beiber. The first location opened in the Chelsea section of New York City and has since expanded into Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Palo Alto, and San Francisco, with a Chicago location coming soon.
Rumble, the latest boutique brand to join the Xponential Fitness portfolio, is a boxing-inspired group fitness concept. It delivers a 45-minute, 10-round, full-body strength and conditioning workout crafted around specially designed, water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bags. The high-intensity workout caters to all fitness levels and appeals to everyone from the most serious athlete to the beginner. Rumble has attracted some of the most accomplished fitness instructors in the industry, including top-ranked tri-athlete Ash Wilking (above).

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