How to Prevent Premises Liability Accidents: A Checklist

If someone is injured at your property, you are likely to be held responsible for premise liability. Slips and falls are common, especially on wet floors. Defective equipment and other related issues can also cause injuries. Property owners are required by the law to ensure safety for all visitors to the place. Here is a checklist of the things that you should do to prevent premise liability accidents.

Inspect Your Property

You should regularly inspect your property for unsafe conditions that can pose a risk to visitors. This will help you to be aware of your premises. You will also be in a position to detect potential liabilities that can be hazardous. When you discover a potential hazard, make sure you correct it immediately. Do not assume that someone will correct the error that you identify but do it yourself. You must also try to replace all defective equipment and make sure that everything is in good working condition. Additionally, you must have clear procedures and policies that spell how the employees should respond to dangerous conditions.

The other measure that you can take is to install a camera system that you can use for surveillance purposes. Physical inspections may not be possible since other places can be inaccessible. With a camera system, you can monitor all the situations that are likely to pose a risk to the visitors and take appropriate action to rectify them. The other benefit of CCTV is that it records accidents, and you can use the footage to resolve claims. Make sure you install the cameras in strategic positions.

Consult a Professional Personal Injury Lawyer

As you are now aware, if someone is hurt on your property, you are a prime candidate for a lawsuit. However, several issues can arise in a case involving premise liability. Some people can make false claims, or other individuals may not be authorized to be at the place. Therefore, you need sound legal representation to deal with these cases. Personal injury lawyers at Jebaily Law Firm explain that lawyers are prepared to represent both property owners and accident victims to ensure that justice prevails. While the victim is entitled to get compensation, there are certain situations where property owners may be innocent.

For instance, if a trespasser is injured at your property, you are in no way obligated to pay compensation for their injuries. In the first place, the trespasser is not supposed to be on the property except for children. You must also ensure that you put a warning sign against trespassing, especially on construction sites to prevent unnecessary injuries. Some people can make false claims, and this is when you need legal representation.

Keep Your Dog in a Safe place

If you have a dog, you must keep it in a safe place or out of way for human traffic during the day. Alternatively, you can also use a leash to control your companion so that it does not attack visitors to your place. Dog bites constitute injuries that can warrant a compensation claim for premise liability. Make sure that your dog has a secure shelter, so it does not attack the visitors. You also need to put a warning sign about the existence of dogs on your property. A dog is a loyal friend, but it can also be dangerous and do the unexpected. It can attack the visitors to your place, and you will be liable for causing the injury. Other states do not have the “one-bite rule.” The rule is designed to protect property owners.

Put Warning Signs

You must put warning signs around your property so that employees and visitors can avoid the hazard. In some cases, you can identify a potential hazard, but you may not be able to correct it immediately. Therefore, you need to warn all the visitors to the place. When the floor is wet, or there are slippery conditions around the building, make sure you place appropriate warning signs. A “wet floor” sign is appropriate to warn the customers if the floor has been mopped. Make sure the signs are visible and easy to read.

If someone slips and falls at your premise, then you are likely to face a lawsuit for premise liability. It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is safe for everyone. You need to be alert of any potential problems and make sure you correct all the potential dangers before they cause injuries. You also need to put appropriate warning signs around the premises so that the visitors take precautionary measures when they are walking around.

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