Roy Rogers Restaurants Appoints Adam Klaers as Executive Vice President 

HW - Adam Klaers, Roy Rodgers Restaurants

Klaers will Position the Quick-Service Restaurant Franchise for Growth

Roy Rogers Restaurants, a Maryland-based quick-service restaurant franchise, appointed Adam Klaers as executive vice president. With this role, Klaers will position Roy Rogers for growth with his strong foundational knowledge of systems and tools. Klaers previously served as regional vice president for TOMS King, a Burger King franchise group.   

“Roy Rogers was an iconic brand when I was growing up. It’s exciting to work with a company positioned for so much growth. What sold me on joining the brand is its unwavering dedication to serving quality food and commitment to its employees and culture,” Klaers said. He will leverage his corporate and franchise experience “to capitalize on the great things Roy Rogers already has in place while expanding systems to support and attract new franchise groups.”

The Roy Rogers Restaurants executive team is thrilled to have Klaers on board. “Adam is an exciting new addition to the Roy Rogers leadership team and family. He has a great track record in our quick service industry, and I’m confident that his strategic vision and proven leadership will strengthen our growing system and increase our sales and profitability,” said Jim Plamondon, Roy Rogers co-president.

Adam Klaers, Roy Rogers Restaurants
Adam Klaers is the new executive vice president for Roy Rogers Restaurants. 

Klaers and Franchising

Klaers was introduced to the industry by a friend who was a franchise business consultant with Taco Bell. “He told me that this industry has tremendous opportunities for anybody willing to put in the effort and isn’t afraid to learn the business by being in it.” 

For Klaers, the best part of the industry is the ability for entrepreneurs to develop future leaders. “Whether it’s a general manager developing a young crew member into a shift lead or a restaurant leader developing general managers, there is always an opportunity to develop strong people and change lives.”

Klaers’ undergraduate degree was in elementary education, and he taught seventh grade science before transitioning into franchising. “I’ve always considered myself a teacher, and this industry allows me to continue teaching on a different level. The chance to teach, coach and develop a new generation of leaders is what originally attracted me to the industry and where I continue to find purpose.”

How to Succeed in Franchising

Klaers urges prospective franchise owners to always be willing to work hard. “Long days, challenging staffing situations, IT problems or supply chain issues will test your days. You must always be willing to put in the effort and work hard regardless of the situation.”

Candidates must also be naturally curious. “Challenge yourself to constantly be a student and learn. Whether it’s about processes and procedures or more about the business finances and how to be more profitable, you must always be willing to learn.”

Effective communication also goes a long way, Klaers added. “Recognizing that employees come into work with different challenges and home situations, we must lead with empathy and communicate in a way that creates a culture of respect.”

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