The Schooley Mitchell Franchise Saves Business Owners Money

Schooley Mitchell Franchise

The B2B Consulting Franchise Offers Inflation- and Recession-Proof Services

What business owner doesn’t want to reduce operating expenses? Saving money is the sole service offered by the groundbreaking B2B Schooley Mitchell consulting franchise. Schooley Mitchell clients pay no up-front fees; franchisees instead earn a percentage of the money that they save their clients. And Schooley Mitchell has repeatedly proved its value, reducing expenses an average of 28% per client.

Schooley Mitchell is the biggest independent cost-reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices all across the United States and Canada. The company began franchising in 2004 and has delivered more than $540 million in documented savings to its 25,000-plus clients.

Founder Dennis Schooley says franchisees love that Schooley Mitchell is truly inflation- and recession-proof. “A lot of businesses say they’re inflation- and recession-proof, but they’re not – unless they’re selling essential goods or services. Disposable dollars disappear during hard economic times. We work on a contingency basis, getting paid only from the savings we find.” Consultants receive no kickbacks, residuals or incentives from suppliers.

Schooley Mitchell Founder Dennis Schooley at a recent discovery day.

Schooley says the business model works anywhere. “We have never identified an area in Canada or the United States where opening a Schooley Mitchell franchise isn’t a lucrative opportunity. We have little competition and a seemingly endless amount of opportunity with millions of potential client businesses.”

The Schooley Mitchell Client Base

Possible clients are any business or nonprofit that uses phones or internet to communicate, processes payments, ships packages, disposes of waste, requires uniforms and/or fuel, uses electronic logging devices, eSignature, utilities and software. “Every client obtained by a franchisee becomes a saleable asset, and we recently had a franchise sell for $4.5 million,” Schooley points out.

Our top performers have sales, marketing, consulting, C-suite executive experience and management skills.

Ideal Schooley Mitchell Franchisee

Perhaps surprisingly, Schooley –who started his long franchising career as a certified public accountant – says the ideal franchisee “does not need to be an expert in any of our cost-reduction categories. He or she should have a strong ability to build good business relationships. Our top performers have sales, marketing, consulting, C-suite executive experience and management skills.”

Schooley Mitchell franchisees harness the comprehensive training and tools delivered by the franchise to develop a sales and marketing plan that entices clients via their cost savings. Professional relationships lead to referrals and renewals so franchisees constantly grow. Franchisee support and training are ongoing.

Schooley says franchisees can be full- or part-time and operate as a 9-to-5 business, home-based if desired, without investing in a facility, inventory, equipment or staff. “We have no geographic restrictions or territories. Our franchisees can recruit clients from anywhere. Franchisees have complete freedom to operate the kind of businesses they think will maximize their success.”

Schooley Mitchell Services

  • Reducing credit and debit card processing costs and eliminating hidden fees and billing errors.
  • Selecting the best electronic signature platform.
  • Monitoring waste-disposal charges to keep rates competitive.
  • Ensuring that fleet tracking and electronic logging device costs stay lean.
  • Checking utility costs to improve pricing. Recover billing error sand receive tax breaks.
  • Sourcing the top fuel suppliers based on cost and reliability.
  • Analyzing vendors for facility supplies, from pens to paper towels, to meet needs at lowest prices.
  • Finding cost-effective shippers and couriers for small parcels to less-than-truckload shipments exceeding 150 pounds. Franchisees also will secure refunds on billing errors.

The Business Consulting Industry

The business consulting industry is trending toward continued growth. According to IBISWorld, the industry was projected to grow at a rate of 5.1% to $329.1 billion through 2022.

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