Pet Wants Bolsters Pet Nutrition Delivery Service

Pet Wants Bolsters Pet Nutrition Delivery Service

The New Service Eases the Online Ordering Process 

In 2010, Pet Wants launched with a simple goal in mind: Healthy pet food, freshly delivered. Customers instantly connected with the vision. Pet owners in search of the healthiest possible options appreciated the nutritional value of Pet Wants’ food, and owners on the go appreciated the seamless delivery options. Now, continuing to build on a reputation for health-conscious convenience, Pet Wants has launched online ordering and nationwide delivery. For too long, customers who knew of Pet Wants, who were drawn to fresh, nutritious food and wanted a trusted name in pet care, were reliant on a Franchise operating in their area. Shackled by territories no longer, customers across the country can now order the food their pets need. And with online ordering, the process is easier than ever.

Online Ordering

Though Pet Wants has now entered the world of ecommerce, online ordering is about more than just the bottom line. Making a statement by offering its products to every pet owner in the country, Pet Wants has signaled a newfound effort to brand and market on a national scale. Where marketing used to only be franchise-focused and location-based, it is now going national. As more people learn about Pet Wants and experience the quality and consistency of its products, franchise owners can expect the name of their brand to not only be a trusted one, but a household one as well. The seamlessness of the online ordering process, a newfound omni-channel marketing effort, and the superior quality of its products means that the Pet Wants name will be in more minds, and customers will be shopping in more stores.

According to Scott Hoots, President of Pet Wants; “Pet Wants marketing & training provide our franchisees with a proven system that leverages cutting-edge technology, relationships with customers, and world-class support designed to generate new clients and drive long-term growth.” For Pet Wants, the online option is designed to be seamless for all parties. Franchisees can rest assured that no matter their technical skills, the ecommerce platform is designed to be simple, efficient, and nearly self-sustaining.

The Franchise Opportunity

Pet Wants franchise opportunities

In addition to the user-friendly platform, Pet Wants also provides detailed training, dedicated business coaching, and a rapid launch program to all of their franchise owners. Hoots says “The addition of the online option is only a competitive edge if our franchisees feel comfortable using it. We are not only dedicated to giving Pet Wants franchisees all the tools they need to succeed, but also providing those same franchisees with the guidance necessary to perform at the highest level possible.”

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