11 Ways to own a pet franchise

K9 Pet Resorts franchise

Pet franchise opportunities go way beyond grooming

These days, pet owners are willing to spend big money on their furry friends — sometimes even more than they spend on themselves. Clever entrepreneurs have noticed this trend and have come up with creative ways to help pet owners indulge. Investors can find all sorts of franchise opportunities focused around our four-legged companions. Grooming and pet sitting are just the start. Today’s consumers want to make sure their pets are well trained, well-fed, and, let’s face it, well spoiled.

The industry is booming with opportunity. According to the American Pet Products Association, $103.6 billion was spent on pets in the United States in 2020, an increase from $97.1 billion in 2019. There are options available for every interest and investment level. Pet franchises are not only lucrative, but they are also fun to own. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their days around man’s best friend? Here is a look at 11 ways to own a pet franchise.

Pet Boarding Franchises

High End: For pet enthusiasts who want to serve an upscale pup clientele, there are high-end pet boarding franchises. K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel (top photo), for example, promises that pups will feel right at home in their luxury suites and executive rooms. With a total investment of more than $1 million, big investors are promised a lucrative dog daycare franchise for driven entrepreneurs.

Moderate: HoundsTown USA is a colorful and inviting interactive doggie daycare, pet spa, and boarding facility franchise. The HoundsTown website promises investors lower entry costs ($265,800 to $492,500) and faster ROIs, plus freedom and flexibility in their schedules as well as a fun lifestyle business. 

HoundsTown USA is a fully interactive doggie daycare, that offers overnight dog boarding, cat boarding, and dog grooming services.

Cat-centric: The Happy Cat Hotel & Spa franchise is a pet boarding franchise exclusively for cats. Founders Meg and Chris Raimo started the brand with a mission “To disrupt the catus quo.” They saw a need to provide cats with a place to climb, hide, run, and rest as well as offer them physical touch and affection. They describe the franchise as “Not a cattery, not a kennel, but a feline oasis,” and “the most luxurious and enriching hotel for cats ever created.” Total investment for franchise investors is between $253,500 and $450,000.

Full-Service Pet Care

Offering a multitude of services, Woofie’s says they are the only pet care franchise opportunity to offer a pet sitting business, dog walking business, and mobile pet spa business all in one model. With an investment of anywhere between $116,000 and $197,000, Woofie’s franchisees enjoy recurring revenue and multiple revenue streams. 

Mobile Pet Grooming Franchise

With a never-ending need for pet grooming, mobile pet grooming franchises provide the ultimate convenience for customers. Aussie Pet Mobile has more than 70 franchisees who serve millions of households that own dogs and cats. Franchise owners enjoy recurring revenue from a loyal customer base.

Aussie Pet Mobile promises a home-based business and a flexible lifestyle for franchise owners.

Pet Cremation Franchise 

Yes, pet cremation franchises are a thing! We all know that pets are (often the favorite) part of the family, and this service allows pet owners a dignified and caring way to commemorate their pets’ lives. Pet Passages’ franchisees take advantage of this niche market.

Pet Passages’ franchise owners take advantage of the niche pet cremation market.

Pet Wellness Franchise 

Making sure one’s pet is happy and healthy is certainly at the top of any pet owner’s list. At PetWell Clinic, pets are offered wellness care through their own take on the vet/clinic concept. If you are a recent veterinary graduate, this may be the investment for you! Similarly, at Scenthound, dogs are provided with routine care and grooming. Scenthound’s membership-based business model creates recurring revenue for franchise owners.

Pet Bakery Franchise 

Three Dog Bakery franchisees create healthy and fun treats for dogs.

Pets deserve a treat from time to time! At Three Dog Bakery, a wide variety of dog-friendly sweet treats are made fresh to purchase. With an estimated investment of $212,500 to $379,500, franchise owners can have the distinction of owning a fun and friendly bakery for dogs that offers gourmet pastries, and one-of-a-kind cakes that can be personalized for any dog-centric special occasion.

Pet Training Franchise

Pet training services are in demand. Paw & Order Dog Training and Dog Training Elite are two lifestyle-friendly, home-based options. As the owner of a pet training franchise, you can provide a valuable service and enjoy a flexible schedule.

Poop-Removal Franchise

Waste management franchises like DoodyCalls and Pet Butler provide specialized poop-removal services. The services are a godsend for homeowners and offer a low-cost business for franchise owners. Pet Butler franchisees work with residential and commercial clients and provide additional services, including disinfection of lawns, goose waste removal, deck, patio washing, flea and tick spray, and mosquito control.

Niche Pet Store Franchise

The possibilities for pet stores are endless – whatever the need may be, there probably is a pet store franchise that caters to it. Wild Birds Unlimited is a franchise that caters to wildlife hobbyists, especially those interested in bird feeding. According to its website, $7.6 billion is spent annually on bird feeding and wildlife watching. As an investor, you can benefit from developing a passionate ownership mentality.

Pet Food Franchise

There will always be a need for pet food—and today’s consumers want the best, most nutritious options. The Pet Wants franchise was created when founder Michele Hobbs realized her dog reacted negatively to commercial dog food. She started making fresh, healthy pet food and quickly noticed an improvement in her dog’s health. Her vision for Pet Wants was to create a new standard in pet food and offer convenience with home delivery services. Now, with 90 locations in 27 states, Pet Wants offers recurring revenue with a membership-based model.

Full-Service Pet Retail Franchise

Wag N’ Wash is a full-service grooming and pet supply retail franchise.

One-stop shopping provides convenience for pet owners. Wag N’ Wash calls their offering a “curated, one-stop-shop experience.” Offering both retail and grooming services, franchisees enjoy repeat business that’s to the company’s loyalty program. The company says that “big-box retailers and online stores don’t come close to us.” According to the company’s website, initial investment ranges from $226,050 – $673,850.

EarthWise Pet has been a leader in providing all-natural pet food since the category began to emerge in the 1980s. It is the largest full-service pet franchise in the country with pet supply, pet nutritionists, grooming, self-wash, dog training, mobile grooming, and dog walking all under the same umbrella.

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