The Growth Coach Signals Foray into the Digital Realm

The demand for business coaching has ballooned into a massive $11 Billion industry. With over 28 Million businesses in the United States, as the demand for coaching has increased, so too has the demand for easily-accessible, cutting-edge, resources. To improve their bottom line, businesses and business-owners across the country are always looking for new approaches to employee development. Employers might be interested in a business consultant, but not if it requires too much travel or too many logistics. For this reason, employers and business coaches alike are growing increasingly interested in the benefits of digital assets and semi-virtual coaching.

The Demand for Digital

The Growth Coach Franchise has responded to this demand by unveiling its latest foray in the virtual/digital side of coaching. Smart Time Management™ provides all Growth Coach clients with the option for interactive, self-paced, virtual training while still receiving the perks that only personal coaching provides. By utilizing this virtual/personal hybrid, clients can take advantage of the 24/7 accessibility and convenience of the web, while also receiving the proper encouragement and tone that comes only with personal connection. Growth Coach believes the human element is what drives engagement and growth, while newly created digital assets ensure all clients get the resources they need to succeed, thus creating a highly effective one-two punch designed to drive results and promote retention.

Convenience is Convincing

Another major reason why virtual coaching has become so enticing to employers is the utter convenience. According to Lisa Hudson, President of The Growth Coach, Smart Time Managemen™ allows Growth Coach Franchisees to serve far more clients by making the logistics easier for everyone. “While group-coaching is great- especially when it’s hands on- it also requires people actually get in their car.” And while the program is technically designed to be supplemental, by offering coursework, videos, quizzes, and personalized modules, it can absolutely stand alone for even the most remote clients.

Just the Beginning.

Smart Time Management™ is yet another addition to Growth Coach’s many services, but it is not the last. Signaling a concerted effort to capitalize on the potential of the digital realm, Hudson says that clients can expect more and more digital options in the coming months. Growth Coach is confident that as they continue to build out their mixed curriculum and catalogue of virtual resources, it will continue to drive better results for employers, clients, and coaches, alike.

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