HomeFront Brands Hires Jason Livingston

HW - Jason Livingston, HomeFront Brands

Livingston will Build out the Property Service Franchise Platform’s Call Center and More

HomeFront Brands, a property service franchise platform comprising six emerging brands, added Jason Livingston as vice president of customer experience and analytics. With this role, he will build out the company’s call center, optimize customer analytics capabilities and improve customer acquisition and insights. He brings over two decades of experience in customer operations and acquisition, retention and monetization. 

HomeFront Brands’ portfolio includes The Designery, Window Hero, Temporary Wall Systems, BiltRite Home Inspections, Top Rail Fence, and Mozzie Dome. Livingston is part of a trio of additions to the leadership team along with Meaghan Price and Paul Tucker. 

“I’m most excited for the opportunity this role provides to change lives! I fervently believe that the true measure of a person’s life is the impact they have had on others. At HomeFront Brands, we are literally changing the lives of families and individuals who seek to build a better life for themselves through the original American Dream of building a business, while also providing critical services through our brands that serve the communities they live in,” Livingston said. 

From his first conversations with chairman and CEO Jeff Dudan, and the rest of the company’s leadership team, Livingston could see their commitment to delivering the best customer experience. He was right at home with the company because it aligned with his values of community and putting people first.

“My role is to ensure that everything we do puts the community first. We do this by providing support when there are questions, helping schedule services or reviewing the ongoing opportunities for improvement at the brand and franchisee levels.” He added that HomeFront provides both the hard data and the real voice of the customer back to the business to ensure progress. 

Jason Livingston, HomeFront Brands
Jason Livingston is the new vice president of customer experience and analytics for HomeFront Brands. 

He also knows the importance of contact centers, which provide immense value to customers over many contact methods, including the phone, chat, email or forums. “By providing these critical services at the brand level, HomeFront ensures that those initial customer interactions are immediate, high-quality and consistent,” he added. 

Experiencing the Franchise Business Model

HomeFront Brands is Livingston’s first company in the franchising space. Throughout his career, he has worked corporate and consultant roles with early-stage start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Since he’s looked at franchising opportunities in the past, Livingston understands the customer journey around franchise selection. He appreciates the balance of risk and reward it provides in comparison to starting a business from scratch. He’s also committed to education and recently earned his Executive MBA at the Quantic School of Business and Technology in Washington, D.C.

Investing in a Franchise Business

Livingston has researched franchise theory, history, models, and more, and his takeaway has been that franchising is the greatest way for individuals to set themselves and their families up for a secure future.

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