Homefront Brands Names Jeff Dudan Chairman and CEO

HW- Jeff Dudan

Dudan Oversees the Home Service Franchisor’s Development and Growth

Jeff Dudan has been named chairman and CEO of Homefront Brands, a corporate franchisor of home improvement franchises including Window Hero, Temporary Wall Systems, and A1 Kitchen & Bath. With this new position, Dudan will oversee the franchisor’s development and growth. The franchise pro also founded the Dudan Group, which established Homefront Brands to advance investment in property services. In addition to being a franchise executive with more than three decades of experience, Dudan is a podcaster, Forbes contributor and author.

He explains Homefront’s mission as inspiring entrepreneurs “to act and make a difference for themselves, those they care about, and the broader community. When we are successful, our businesses contribute to strengthening communities through local business ownership, which is the financial backbone of our country.” 

Dudan looks forward to changing the lives of “the people who we will work with and the opportunity to engage with franchise founders, franchisees and talented Homefront team members to build a world-class, high-performance organization by every measure and at all levels.” 

Jeff Dudan, Homefront Brands
Jeff Dudan is the new chairman and CEO of Homefront Brands.

In Dudan’s view, the future of franchising will be positively impacted by Homefront’s work. “Homefront Brands is a collection of high-value property service franchise offerings, each with strong Item 19 performance representations that provide an opportunity for a franchisee to build an empire. In addition to the quality of the offerings, Homefront is built on a foundation of powerful systems and intelligent leverage across key business functions via a shared infrastructure, maximizing data and creating efficiencies for the franchisees in acquiring and serving customers.”  

Homefront exists to inspire entrepreneurs to act and positively impact communities, franchisees, employees and families, Dudan says. “The success of our franchisees strengthens the foundation of our economy, provides stability in the lives of our franchise operators, and expands the reach and relevance of the franchise industry.”

Dudan’s Franchising Background 

Dudan got his start in franchising as a college athlete by founding a business to paint student housing. “After graduation, we assisted South Florida in recovering from Hurricane Andrew, which led to the launch of AdvantaClean in 1994. As a leading national restoration franchise, AdvantaClean became a strategic partner with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to support families in need,” Dudan said.

From 2006 to 2009, AdvantaClean divested its company stores in Florida and the Carolinas under the franchise model, Dudan says. The cleaning and mold remediation franchise launched to the broader market in 2009. “In January of 2019, with over 240 operating locations, AdvantaClean was acquired by a large private equity-backed property service platform,” he adds. 

His favorite part of the industry is the abundance of opportunities and energy. “Franchising remains the greatest democratic wealth-creation tool ever created. People can start from any place, at any time, and build a better life through franchising. That excitement never gets old,” Dudan says. For entrepreneurs looking to get into franchising, he suggests attending the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention to see everything franchising has to offer. 

“For those without an operating business, perhaps investing in a franchise would be a way to jump into the deep end and learn the ropes. If one wanted to work in the franchise industry, there is no shortage of franchisors and franchisees looking for qualified, inspired people to help build their brands,” Dudan says. He advises entrepreneurs who want to franchise their business to consider connecting with a franchise consulting company that will educate them about the costs, timelines and partners required to become a franchisor.   

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